Tuesday 26 April 2011

Pete Simpson @ Freestylin' @ The Mark Addy Manchester !

Comments !
What a fab way to spend a sunday night. Finally made to the Mark Addy & the journey up from gloucestershire was well worth the effort, thanks to our driver, Keith. We all know how good the music played here is as its been said many times before on this forum but the live vocals from Imogen & Pete, fantastic. As the big man says " I'll be back". Great company, great music, great venue, great night. Cheers.Graham Gloucester

At last a Bank Holiday Monday and, finally, a Freestylin' was on the cards

Just a superb night, top venue, top people, top music, top DJ's, this event really does have it all, and we were also lucky enough to be treated to two excellent vocal performances from Imogen Ryall and Pete Simpson, the latter being truly outstanding.

Thanks to Lin & Lesley for the company, always a pleasure, and to all the special people that attended including many dear friends who are always an absolute pleasure to see. And that kinda sums Freestylin' up, the place is so warm, welcoming and vibrant, it's just a real pleasure to be there - and they also happen to serve up a damn fine evening of music too ! There really was only one place to be this Bank Holiday weeknd and I'm sure glad I was.
Top bombin' Freestylin' crew PG Starpoint Radio

Absolutely wonderful night, which was the pinnacle of a beautiful weekend.

Pete Simpson was wonderful and fitted like a glove, bless him, what a lovely self effacing man he is. I loved his ad lib singing. He could sing the telephone directory with his beautiful voice, and still be mesmerising.(And, to be fair, his version of 'stop pointing them chuffing cameras at me and get yourself dancing' was quite unique )

As others said, this particular Freestylin night felt extra special, and as well as top music, gorgeous venue, maybe the weather and the total relaxed bank holidayness (oh yea, its a word!) contributed to the overall night.

Loved my hotel stay for a change, with our Lin, and special thanks to the Lone (Rescue) Ranger himself, Paulie G and his Indian sidekick taxi driver for the lovely emergency chips n curry. Great stuff. Nice memories. xx Lesley Rotherham

Well that was just a bit good wasn’t it !!!!!!!! In fact it just gets better every time we go.

Just when you think it couldn’t be any better than last time, we were blown away again with two excellent PA’s by Imogen and Pete. Pete Simpson was so so special, he made it look so effortless, what a voice and a lovely friendly guy. Bloody loved it.

Everything about this night fits the bill, the venue, the DJ’s, the wonderful soul friends, the passion and enthusiasm from Colin, Roger, Tony, Janet and Mark. You guys work tirelessly to put on this class night and for a Sunday night to get as many through the doors as you do is just amazing. The music from all the DJ’s last night was truly wonderful. Roger certainly didn’t want the night to end nor did we, he was on a roll. It was over far too soon and yes the ‘Queen of my Soul – AWB track sounded wonderful and got an instant dancefloor reaction.

What better way to spend our Easter Sunday, down at the Mark Addy and treating ourselves with a little stay over at ‘The Midland Hotel’ its got to be done, even though we live in Manchester, we said ‘if you can’t beat em join em’.

Thanks guys we’ll see you at the next one.

Had a lovely time ..great music all round, but Pete Simpson was extra special both personally and vocally .
Lots of giggles travelling and at the Hotel with Lesley and Paul ..great company
New Kelly Price sounded spot on too ..many thanks to everyone concerned Lin Soul Underground

....working over easter 8-( ....feel a cold coming on.... .....really want to go to freestylin,- so glad i did!!! \0/\0/\o/ hurrah!
.....lovely weather and company...great toonage...
and a as 4 the p.a from pete and imogen...freestylin, it twas ......mr.simpson we all salute u sah!....imogen-dont b so nervous lady!
well done all at freestylin,-best ones yet!
hello to all the great faces/peeps i met last nite
pete haigh Lytham Soulful Dance

Imogen Ryal @ Freestylin'@The Mark Addy Manchester

Sunday 17 April 2011