Thursday 17 December 2009


Yes back at one of my favourite gigs with one of my favourite crowds.
Birmingham is stooped in great club history from the Jazz Funk era.
Top DJ'S Graham Warr, Shaun Williams, Dave Till, Frenchie, Bruce Q, Chris Read.
Top Clubs Chaplains,Rum Runner,Locarno,Hummingbird.

JAZZIFUNK invites you to The Boxing Day Special @The Hare & Hounds, High St, Kingsheath, Birmingham B14 7LZ.

Featuring the the fattest selection of Jazz, Funk, Boogie, Soulful
House, Broken Beatz and Neo Soul this side of 2009 !

Djs on the night the
legendary Colin Curtis with special guest from London - Fitzroy da Buzzboy (Crackers / Jazz Cafe) and JAZZIFUNK resident Bruce Q from Liquid Fusion Music.

This is the one session you cannot afford to miss this
year !!!

9pm - 3am

Tickets are £6 Earlybird /
£8 Advance / Motd.

Tickets available or call 0844 870 0000

Wednesday 16 December 2009


Hi Everyone
Due to the severe weather conditions and a second broken down vehicle we
remain stranded in the North and Midlands.We are gutted to let Perry down
on this gig and most of all the people who are coming along to see us.
Thanks to everyone for their support and good luck with the session tonight.
We will re-hook up with Perry to do this again in the near future.
Once again please accept our apologies.
Colin Curtis

This Sunday I am appearing in London at Shiftless Shuffle along with Perry Louis and Killer Jim and my main man Tony Cooney also making the trip !!
Be nice to see both new and familiar faces down there on the day !
Paul Leney wrote :-
Hey, get down to Shiftless Shuffle xmas special on Sunday 20th...always a special night!!!

This Sunday 20th December sees our Shiftless Shuffle Jazz Dance Xmas Mania which has gained monumental fame over the past few years! And to show that we like to keep you lot on your toes, we are changing the format around this year: There'll be no class this Sunday but instead, we are extending the DJ Session from 5pm until Midnight to give you a Jazz Dance mania experience unlike any other! Perry Louis will kick off at 5pm with a "wish you'd brought an extra shirt" session made for those who like their fast and furious Fusion, BeBop, Afro and Latin, partnering up with DJ "Killer" Jim from the popular Out to Lunch sessions in Nottingham. Our extra special Guest DJ this year is the legendary Colin Curtis from Manchester who will be spinning his first Jazz Dance set in a very long time! Colin will be trading tunes with Tony Cooney and together, they will deliver the exhilarating tunes we have come to expect from our extra special Xmas Specials! Perry will finish the night with a JazzFunk Set at 11pm to get us all into the de-mob happy Xmas mood and send us on our way at Midnight.

Please note: Pre-paid ticket sale is now closed! Tickets on the door will be available for £8 all night. COME EARLY!

Shiftless Shuffle Xmas Special. Freedom (Basement Club). 66 Wardour Street. W1. 5pm - Midnight. Sunday 20 Dec. £8.00

Tuesday 15 December 2009


Reflections on the House music released in 2009

For me 2009 wasn’t a great year House music wise but having said that there are still a few things to feel positive about. My choices as highlighted below feature some great music produced in the UK. Sheffield seems to be an important location with both Groove Assassin and Jonny Montana producing quality music with various vocalists and great things are due from both in 2010. Meanwhile further South John Oudo and Jose Carretas have been building very strong reputations with a string of high quality releases. A special mention must also go to Guy Robin whose star continues to rise, his productions and remixes just get better and better. To finish off the UK talent pool Aaron Ross and Sean McCabe have also made some great music, the two cuts featured in my show below are especially good for having live bass lines and other instrumentation that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Across in the USA Vick Lavender has been receiving many plaudits for an excellent year of quality releases via his Sophisticado Imprint, he is another producer that works with many different vocalists and features as much live instrumentation as possible in his tracks resulting in a sound that is unique and appeals to people in various communities.

I have also featured a few tracks from new-comers or lesser known producers like Ian Friday/Jersey Soul/Geoffrey C and Doruk Ozlen, these guys often work on their own Edits that don’t get released commercially but they are often amongst the best things that I hear. Their productions are always worth looking out for and hopefully in 2010 they will gain more recognition.

The rest of my show below is made up of more music from the USA from stalwart producers like Blaze/Man-X/Louis Benedetti/Louie Vega/Roy Davis Jr who are well established on the scene and continue to do their thing.

I just wanted to say a final word about two guys who inspire me with what they do, namely Melvyn (Powdersoul) Dillon and Martin Faltin. Their tracks have been a major influence on my playlists this year, for the most part brilliant remixes of soul artists that I love playing. They have inspired me to start producing my own edits/remixes one of which is featured below.

If you get a chance to listen I hope you enjoy the music and lets look forward positively to 2010........

The Sounds Of Soul Mixshow MJ Year in Review 2009:

Groove Assassin & Stephanie Cooke - This Time
Jose Carretas Ft Dani - Take Your Time
Martin East Project Ft Jared Douglas - Release (Mr V)
Sterling Ensemble Ft Carlene Graham - Push It
John Oudo Ft Dionne Mitchell - It's Alright
Groove Assassin Ft Jean - Too Special
DJ Man-X Ft Blaze - Consequences

Soul Interlude 1:
Braxton Brothers - Better Than Nothing
Shakatak - Giving Up
Mz Pat - Fairplay
Roy Davis Jr Ft Terry Dexter - Horizon
Luther Vandross - My Favourite Things (Geoffrey C)
Vick Lavender Ft RJ Green - Afterparty For Two
Mechyor & MJ White - The Real Thing (Louis Benedetti)

MJ In The Mix:

Danny Clark Ft Dawn Tallman - Conqueror (Guy Robin)
Aaron Ross Ft Natasha Watts - Time To Shine
Sean McCabe Ft Adeola Ransom - A Little More Love
D'Moov Ft Nicole Henry - For The Love Of You
Walter Christopher - Heaven (Jersey Soul)
Anto Vitale Ft Tamara Wellons - Out Of This World
Kindred The Family Soul - House Of Love (Ian Friday)

Soul Interlude 2:

Lori Dow - I Love The Way
Reggie Hines - Music
Satya Project - A New Paradise

Trish Andrews - Already (SOS)
Deepa Grooves Ft Manchildblack - Natural High
Louie Vega & Julie McKnight - Bittersweet Love Affair

Words & Music Mark Jordan December 2009

MJ: “A Soul Year in review 2009”

As I have written elsewhere I found 2009 a little underwhelming House music wise (which isn’t a great thing when you have a weekly House biased radio-show) I did however find solace in the amazing number of quality releases across the Soul scene.

With the help of friends with radio-shows/podcasts or just honest recommendations I have really broadened my horizons and learnt about some great music. It must be said that narrowing down a list to a top ten of Soul releases for 2009 would have been a very difficult task, so I decided that a top forty would be the acceptable compromise. I have sequenced the tracks together in a two part mix that you can download below. I had great fun compiling this and really hope that if you listen that you enjoy and maybe some of my choices mirror some of yours.

To finish I wanted to say thanks to Colin for hosting this and also cheers to all of the people on the Soul scene that have embraced my musical taste and inspire me to do what I do.................

“The Mix Part 1”

Danielle Haynes – I Want To Be Close

Ledisi – Goin’ Through Changes

Vanessa Williams – Breathless

Ruben Studdard – Just Because

Shanice – Hold On

Brian Courtney Wilson – Just Love

Excellent Gentleman – Hard Gentleman

James Day Ft Mikelyn Roderick – Any Kind Of Love

Soulpersona Ft Sible Thrasher – Imagine

Adina Howard – What Do I Do

Marva Elane – Be Like You

The Clark Sisters, Kiki Sheard & J.Moss – I Wanna Thank You

Root Soul Ft Leon King – My Dreams Came True

Korey Bowie – Favor Isn’t Fair

45 Ft Jimmy Abney – Nothing Feels Better

Vickie McKisic – Just In Case

Carmen Liana Ft Carl “Chip” Days Jr – It’s Yours

Tamika Nicole – Get It Right

Will Downing – Something Special

Clarence Blakely – Where Do We Go Now

Joe – Can’t Get Over You

Tracy Hamlin – You’ve Got To Let Go

Reggie Hines – I Love The way

The Revelations Ft Tre Williams – Remember The Last Time

Jeff Ramsey – Move On

Peaches & Herb – Girl You Got A Home

“The Mix Part 2”

Low-D – You Bring The Change

Chico Debarge – I Forgot Your Name

Yolanda Johnson – When I See You

Katie Cole – Think About It

45 Ft Stephanie McKay – I Believe

Jeania – Play With My Emotions

Marcus Johnson Ft Maysa – Master Of My Heart

HolyBOY – Church Tonight

Norman Connors – Where Do We Go From Here

Shayna Steele – Different This Time

Jeff Majors Ft Shirley Murdock – My Body

Fola – Phenomenal Woman

Athene Wilson – We Were Meant To Be

King Ellis – Next 2 U

Words & Mix: Mark Jordan December 2009

Tuesday 8 December 2009


Hi, This is just a playlist and link to Roger's quality Soulsorts Radio show on Solar Radio and his great archive of past shows you can access on PodoMatic.

This show was done to highlight the opening night of our Freestylin' Sessions at The Mark Addy
in Manchester which proved to be a great success.The next session will be Sunday February 28th 2010 featuring
Roger,Tony Cooney and myself.Enjoy listening to this show and hopefully we will see some of you
in Manchester in February.

podcast links

Latest Show Playlist :
Sunday 29 November 2009 : Podcast #50

Shayna Steele - Different This Time (CD: I'll Be Anything)
Athene Wilson - Someone Like You (CD: It's About Time)
Francesca Sortino - Flattering (CD: The Music I Play)
D'mar - Spend the Nite (CD: The Truth)
Marc A. Evans feat. Cynthia Hawkes - Boy Meets Girl (CD: Intervention)
Remi - Coco Bella (CD: Cafe De Soul Vol 1)
Floetry - Say Yes (Remix) (CD: Brand New Bag Vol. 1 Neo Soul)
Ava Lemert - You Know You Got It (CD: From My Soul)
Athene Wilson - We Were Meant to Be (CD: It's About Time)
Janita - Hopelessly Hopeful (CD: Haunted)
Kim Sanders - Take Me (CD: A Closer Look)
Zo! - Perfect Angel feat. Yahzarah (CD: ... Just Visiting Too)
Neesha - Groove On (CD: Diary of a Woman Scorned)
Brandon Camphor & OneWay - Trust You (CD: ReGeneration)
Reel People ft. Tony Momrelle - Star (RP's Club Mix)
( mp3)
JSoul - Frequency (Jonny Montana remix) ( mp3)
D'Moove ft. Nicole Henry - For The Love Of You
(Doruk Ozien Main Vocal Mix) ( mp3)
Andy Tamashi ft. Wendy D. Lewis - Feel The Sunshine
(Jonny Montana remix) ( mp3)
Papik - Staying For Good (Original Mix) (CD: Sister Bossa Vol. 9)
Alessandro Magnanini feat. Renata Tosi - Stay Into My Life
(CD: Someway Still I Do)
Milano Jazz Dance Combo - Goodbye (CD: Milano Jazz Dance Combo)
Soulstance - The Time (CD: A History of Schema - il giorno della Mimosa)
Fertile Ground - Simple Timeless (CD: Neu Jazz)
Shayna Steele - Right On Time (CD: I'll Be Anything)
Paprika Soul - He Loves You (CD: Paprika Soul)



Here is a little insight into Thierry's influences that led him deeper into the kaleidoscope of Soul Music that
encompasses all our lives as he provides a European insight.

"During my only trip to New York back in 1980, my musical tastes were about to change radically. Before that, I was listening to rock music, jazz rock, and apart from the Crusaders' Street Life LP which I had bought in '79, I had no Soul records in my collection. In New York, I was residing in Brooklyn and every time we hit the streets of Brooklyn, I heard Soul & Rap music in the stores and in the streets and it was a total revelation for me. I bought quite a few LPs in New York that summer: SOS Band, Kurtis Blow, Michael Jackson (Off the Wall was still hot and played everywhere) and it was the start of my love affair with Soul Music. When I came back to Belgium I never looked back and bought more Soul/Funk records in the only import record shop of Brussels. Later on I started buying Blues & Soul magazine and really liked Richard Searling's article (Soul Sauce), so much so that in 1996 I decided to cross the Channel to attend my first gig in the U.K.: Southport (apart from the Live acts, the main reason was that I wanted to hear Richard Searling play because I thought his tastes totally matched mine at the time). Needless to say I totally loved that weekender and from then on, I crossed the Channel on many more occasions to attend Soul gigs/weekenders. In 2001, Roger Williams and Lin Taylor kindly invited me to DJ at their respective gigs (Winsford and Soul Underground (Walsall)) and it opened my horizons even more. This year marks 30 years of an intense love affaire with Modern Soul and it's far from being over.
When Colin asked me to select favorites from the 80's & 90's, I didn't know where to start and I began compiling 2 lists: it was really interesting and prompted me to dig out forgotten albums where I discovered some new favorites. For the 80's I also realized that the most prolific years (in terms of quantity and quality) were 1980-1983. The choice was tough, but I feel my selections represent well what I like today in 2009. Hope you'll enjoy them.
Soulfully yours

80's-90's BEST


Pattie Brooks – Same ("Reach for my love") (80)
Norman Connors – Take it to the limit ("Justify") (80)
David Ruffin – Gentleman Ruffin ("I wanna be with you") (80)
Angela Bofill – Something about you ("Tropical love") (81)
Jeff Lorber – It's a fact ("Your love has got me") (81)
Leon Ware – Rocking you eternally ("Rocking you eternally") (81)
Woods Empire – Universal love ("Universal love") (81)
New Birth – I'm back ("Hangin' out") (82)
Gene VanBuren – What's your pleasure ("You've got me where I want you") (82)
Dayton – Feel the music ("Promise me", "The sound of music") (83)
Gospel Unlimited – Unlimited gospel ("I found joy") (83)
Glenn Jones _ Everybody loves a winner ("Keep on doin'") (83)
Glenn Jones – Finesse ("Finesse") (84)
Ronnie McNeir – Experience ("Light my fire") (84)
Temptations – Truly for you ("Set your love right", "Memories") (84)
Chapter 8 – This love's for real ("How can I get next to you", "How is it possible") (85)
Wilton Felder – Secrets ("The truth song", "I'll still be looking up to you") (85)
Johnnie Taylor – Wall to wall ("Can I love you" ) (85)
Controllers – Stay ("Secret fantasy") (86)
Beau Williams – No more tears ("Give me up") (86)
Betty Wright – Sevens ("Share my love") (86)
Broomfield – Same ("Don't cover up your feelings", "Is it so hard") (87)
Michelle & Family Love – Reality ("Feel your love") (87)
James Robinson – Guilty ("Feel like going on") (87)
Brothers In Christ – Twinkle of an eye ("God's armor") (88)
Herbert Charles – Something about your love ("For letting her in") (88)
Visions – Same ("Love calls", "It's a choice") (88)
Shirley Brown – Fire & ice ("Ain't nothin' like the lovin' we got") (89)
Sharon Bryant – Here I am ("In the nite time") (89)
Christopher Williams – Adventures in paradise ("Sweet memories") (89)


Affair – Just can't get enough ("If only you could be mine", "Are you ready") (93)
Angelo & Veronica - Higher place ("Higher place", "If this world were mine") (92)
Art N' Soul - Touch of soul ("Goin' on", "Nature rise") (96)
Chris Ballin – Do it right ("Cry") (96)
By All Means – It's real ("Say you'll never leave me") (92)
Margi Coleman – Margi ("How I miss you", "Winnin' ova you", "I need") (95)
Will Downing – A dream fulfilled ("I'll wait") (91)
Driza Bone – Conspiracy ("Woman and a man") (94)
Lance Ellington – Pleasure & pain ("Time won't wait", "Pleasure & pain") (90)
Adriana Evans – Same ("Love is all around") (97)
Funky Company – Everytime ("Do you know") (98)
Jaki Graham – Rhythm of life ("All I do", "Rhythm of life") (96)
James Grear - Don't give up ("Beautiful black people", "You said") (98)
Impromp2 – You're gonna love it ("Get me off") (95)
Andre Lee – So good ("My shining star") (97)
Rodney Mannsfield – Love in a serious way ("Nothin' better than lovin' you") (93)
Nigel Martinez – So good ("Are you ready (for love)") (98)
Chant̩ Moore РPrecious ("Finding my way back to you") (92)
Ann Nesby – I'm here for you ("In the spirit") (96)
Nu Colours – Same ("Back together again") (96)
Phil Perry – Pure pleasure ("One touch") (94)
Lisa Scott – Same ("Got me dancin'", "Your guide") (95)
Sounds of Blackness – Africa to America ("I'm goin all the way") (94)
Special Gift – A set time ("Tomorrow") (96)
Tashan – For the sake of love ("All I ever do", "Romantically inspired", "Love is forever") (93)
True Solace - A new beginning ("Heaven's glory", "It feels good") (99)
Vertical Hold – A matter of time ("7, 6, 5 (for love)") (93)
Keith Washington – Make time for love (91)
Angie & Debbie Winans – Same ("Father father") (93)
Zhane – Saturday night("So Badd") (97)


Continuing my series of interviews it is with great pleasure that I have been able to catch up with one of my favourite dj / re-mixer/ producers of our beloved house music Jihad Muhammad.Thanks for agreeing to this interview Jihad,here we go

Where were you born ? - i was born in newark, nj

When re you born we? - december 3, 1968 (Same day as Colin Curtis,very strange or maybe not J)

Can you talk bout you growing up

and what got you into music ? - i used to listen to all kinds of music growing up. didnt matter what it long as it was good music i loved it.

Which clubs did you go to as you were growing up

anad who were the dj's cutting it back then ? - i used to go to zanzibar to hear tony humphries, cheetahs to hear mark thompson and tee scott. also i used to hang at a spot in nyc called the choice

Who were the artists arrangers and producers that

influenced your musical taste ? - there were alot......blaze, osunlade, ambrosia, stephanie cooke, monique bingham, quentin many to name

Did you collect vinyl in those early days ? - yes i was an avid collector of vinyl. i used to spend about $150 a week.

How do feel the current climate of downloads,Traxsource

etc has affected the house music genre ? - i actually think traxsource is great. from a financial standpoint the music is cheaper in price....that could be a good and bad thing. good because as a consumer it way less than what i spending on music years ago. bad because your actually not making alot from the music downloads like we were 10-20 years ago. house overall is suffering because of the lack of airplay and visibility. also the heavy file sharing killed it as well.

How did you get into Dj'ing and remixing ? - well to be honest i got into dj'ing as a hobby because i loved the music. the curiosity of blending two records sparked my career. producing was the next step. kevin hedge used to let me sit at the mixing console and work on projects so thats how i got into that.

How did that develop into producing your own music ? - i like jazzy style records so growing up and hearing jazz and r&b all the time pretty much molded my style.

Do you play instruments or build the tracks in the studio ? - i only do the drum tracks and sometimes basslines. i hire guys for the other elements.

2001 you remixed Black Masses My Heavenly Stars on Easy Street

how did that come about and where was it done ? - that was one of the first projects that kevin hedge let me work on. i was a bit nervouse about that one. i pretty much just tried to follow what he was doing at the time.

2004 you released Movement Blues on West End( the label that you also cut Leela James later in 2006 another dancefloor bomb) but that

did not appear to receive full support at the time from the label

but went on to be a huge underground club anthem,talk a little about this iconic track ? - movement blues was my first record i did on my own. i did it at nick jones's studio. the pianist came in and knocked the keys out in one take. i knew it had potential as a great record but i didnt know it was gonna take off the way it did.

Can you tell us about hooking up with the guys from Blaze how that came about ? - well kevin hedge used to be one of the owners of club he was from jersey so i used to see him all the time. he was really cool and used to invite me to come to the studio. he also hired me a few times to play at shelter so the friendship just progressed.

Also in 2004 you released two tracks NJ Groove & Oasis on the Canadian Iwanai label and a 3rd No Way Back in 2006 what was the story behind these cuts ? - the guys at iwanai ( ryan and john ) were really cool. they had me play a party in toronto and the relationship continued to build from there. nj groove was like a laid back jazzy guitar thing that i always wanted to do. oasis was one of my first records i did with a percussionist so i was still exploring my sound back then. i really like the way that project came out.

Can you talk about your collaboration with Chris Dockins on the superb social commentary track "No More War" and your other Camio release The Dawn ? - chris is a great artist. josh milan asked me to work with him so we talked and set it up. when i gave him he track and he told me what he wrote i was a lil dissapointed at first. i think it was because i was expecting something else. he saw something i didnt see at first. but i usually let the artist do what they want on the tracks i do so when we did the session i was amazed at how good it started coming out. the dawn ...that was a good song there too. i believe that was the first one i did for camio.

Which other dj's influenced you and who do you work with the most nowadays ? - ian friday is my boy. naeem johnson is the one who i studied under for 10 years. guys like carlos mena, boddhi satva, keven hedge, timmy regisford, danny krivit.....they all still have major influence over me. i have worked with most of those i have mentioned ...some in the past and some i still work with.

Two of your huge club remixes in the UK were Fuzion Im So Glad with Chris Herbert on vocals George Mena & Frankie Estevez on Production

and Number One Candy Apple with John Banfield can you give us some background on these two remixes ?-i never knew they were huge hits in the UK. i enjoyed the fuzion mix. i always wanted to do a song with chris herbert so remixing this one was as close as i could get. the candy apple was something that was a lil more different for me. my style i think had to change a lil with that song. it was very upbeat and i was used to doing more jazzier style songs. i'm glad it came out nice though.

Downtown 161 you cut two tracks Asahikawa in 2006 and Right Now 2008

on a deeper jazzier tip ? - yes those two songs are more my style. i did a remix for carlos mena and when i heard tamara's voice i said to myself she's gonna be big soon. so i was honored to do the right now jam with her. asahikawa was a song i had dedicated to my friends who live in asahikawa, japan. a record store owner in nyc told me that one of my japanese friends came to his store and brought all his copies of that song.

Tell us about your special relationship with the Chicago guys Vick Lavender(one of house musics most prolific producers in the last 2 years)

and of course Mario Romay from the Cuatro Sessions ? - vic is super talented and we had gotten cool over the years. i was suprised when he asked me to remix his song 1st kiss. i thought it was perfect the way it was. he had been trying to get me out to chicago for a while but my schedule never allowed it. finally it worked out and i had a great time. the gig was really dope. i played a gig at the wmc for mario and that was real nice too. finally got to see him again when i went to play at cautro.

What did you make of our Southport Weekender over here in the UK,you certainly left everyone some great memories of a true deep Jihad Muhammad session,and which other UK gigs have you done more recently ? - southport was amazing. to see the passion of the people who really love this music left me speechless. it's sad that nothing like this has happened in the states yet. all the time i was playing i was like i hope they are into the other UK gigs i have done...the tribe party....the party for house fm.....the one at salmon & compass were all great.

Also Movement Soul was released on the UK Label Su Su could you tell us a little about this time? - i forget what song was released on su su.

Could you name 10 tracks that have influenced you as you developed ? - wow

1. only time will tell - ten city

2. breathe - blaze

3. gloria's muse - blaze

4. you know how to love me - phyllis hyman

5. golden lady - stevie wonder

6. school days - stanely clarke

7. it seems to hang on - ashford & simpson

8. love can change your heart - blaze ( blaze mixes )

9. fade - kimblee

10. how deep is your love - blaze

And what are 10 of your current big hitters ? -

1. mahuwelele - mzee

2. take your time - jose carretas

3. juju - black coffee

4. holdin on - nathan adams

5. out of this world - tamara wellons/anto vitale

6. dear friend - dj spinna

7. home - heather johnson-yukio kudo mix

8. each & everyday - rocco

9. dear african sky - henrik schwartz

10. movin on - davina - movementsoul mix

Tell us the cities and clubs in the USA and around the world you have been at recently ? - wow...chicago, toronto, mexico, paris, japan, london, nyc, dallas, boston, DC, maryland. my most recent trip was the chicago trip

What are your plans going forward,what projects do you have on the go ? -my plans are to continue to put out good quality music be it from me or other artists. to keep branding the movementsoul name. to continue to play as passionately as the first day i stared doing it.

I know that you are still hitting all the right notes in 2009 as I have just listened to your mix from Langstons loving the flow and your support for the Blaze Consequences which is a true anthem !!

Jihad thanks again for your time it is much appreciated

as is your help with this interview. - thank you bro....sorry i took so long


Peace & Respect
Here are some listings for this man's recordings enjoy his talent online first and then vinyl.
RushJihad MuhammadAsanteDec/01/2009Loungin'Jihad MuhammadMovement SoulNov/30/2009All Kinds Of PeopleDJ Roland Clark & Jihad MuhammadDelete RecordsJun/05/2009No More War (Remixes) (Incl. Man-X, Groove Assassin, Dom Navarra Mixes)Jihad Muhammad feat. Chris DockinsCamioNov/20/2008All Jazzed Out EPJihad Muhammad, Collective Spirits, Benedict, NJ ProjectCamioSep/24/2008The Dawn (Guy Robin Remix)Jihad MuhammadCamioJan/08/2008Ascension/Expansions/Latin Vibes EPJihad MuhammadNite GroovesOct/22/2007Open Your Eye'sJihad Muhammad feat. Lorraine ReidCamioAug/20/2007The InstrumentalsJihad MuhammadMovement SoulAug/19/2007Rhythm of life (Vocal Mixes)Jihad Muhammad feat. AminaMovement SoulJan/28/2007Final FrontierJihad MuhammadMovement SoulDec/26/2006RhumbaJihad MuhammadMovement SoulDec/26/2006Spiritual Dance EPJihad MuhammadMovement SoulDec/04/2006Inner PeaceJihad MuhammadMovement SoulJun/19/2006No More WarJihad Muhammad feat. Chris DockinsMovement SoulJun/14/2006The RushJihad MuhammadMovement SoulApr/11/2006No Way Back (Chi-town mix)Jihad MuhammadIwanaiApr/06/2006That Sax TrackJihad MuhammadMovement SoulMar/06/2006Rhythm of LifeJihad MuhammadMovement SoulFeb/28/2006Reflections (Incl. Jovonn Mix)Jihad Muhammad feat. Chris DockinsUk BasicOct/31/2005Melt In You (Mr. V Mixes)Jihad MuhammadHustle MusicAug/08/2005The Other SideJihad MuhammadShack Music DeepJul/04/2005The DawnJihad MuhammadCamioJul/03/2005Melt In YouJihad MuhammadHustle MusicMay/19/2005OasisJihad Muhammad feat. Chris DockinsIwanaiSep/01/2004NJ GrooveJihad MuhammadIwanaiMar/03/2004Breath / Movement BluesJihad Muhammad feat. Chris DockinsBlaze
RELEASES Movement Blues / Breath (12") West End Records 2004 Nj Groove (12") Iwanai Music 2004 Oasis (12") Iwanai Music 2004 Melt In You (12") Hustle Music 2005 Melt In You (Mr. V Sole Channel Remix) (12") Hustle Music 2005 Reflections (12") UK Basic Records 2005 The Dawn (12") Camio Recordings 2005 The Dawn (12", W/Lbl, Promo) Camio Recordings 2005 The Other Side (12") Shack Music Deep Recordings 2005 Asahikawa (12") Downtown 161 2006 No Way Back (12") Iwanai Music 2006 Ascension / Expansions / Latin Vibes (12") Nite Grooves 2007 The Rush (12") Asante Records 2007 No More War (Remixes) (File, MP3) Camio Recordings 2008 Right Now (12") Downtown 161 2008 REMIXES My Heavenly Stars (12") Easy Street Records 2001 I'm So Glad (Remixes) (12") Camio Recordings 2006 No1 ◄ (2 versions) Shack Music Recordings 2006 Found Love (2xCD) Blaze Imprints 2007 Habitación 621 (CD) Lovemonk 2007 Shining Your Way Part 2 (12") King Street Sounds 2007 Shrine (2xCD) SuSU 2007 Like Rain (Remixes) (File, MP3) Ocha Records 2008 My World As They Remixed It (Album) King Street Sounds ... 2008 Can't Be Without You (File, MP3) Iwanai Music 2009 PRODUCTION Good Time (12") West End Records 2006