Tuesday 8 December 2009


Here is a little insight into Thierry's influences that led him deeper into the kaleidoscope of Soul Music that
encompasses all our lives as he provides a European insight.

"During my only trip to New York back in 1980, my musical tastes were about to change radically. Before that, I was listening to rock music, jazz rock, and apart from the Crusaders' Street Life LP which I had bought in '79, I had no Soul records in my collection. In New York, I was residing in Brooklyn and every time we hit the streets of Brooklyn, I heard Soul & Rap music in the stores and in the streets and it was a total revelation for me. I bought quite a few LPs in New York that summer: SOS Band, Kurtis Blow, Michael Jackson (Off the Wall was still hot and played everywhere) and it was the start of my love affair with Soul Music. When I came back to Belgium I never looked back and bought more Soul/Funk records in the only import record shop of Brussels. Later on I started buying Blues & Soul magazine and really liked Richard Searling's article (Soul Sauce), so much so that in 1996 I decided to cross the Channel to attend my first gig in the U.K.: Southport (apart from the Live acts, the main reason was that I wanted to hear Richard Searling play because I thought his tastes totally matched mine at the time). Needless to say I totally loved that weekender and from then on, I crossed the Channel on many more occasions to attend Soul gigs/weekenders. In 2001, Roger Williams and Lin Taylor kindly invited me to DJ at their respective gigs (Winsford and Soul Underground (Walsall)) and it opened my horizons even more. This year marks 30 years of an intense love affaire with Modern Soul and it's far from being over.
When Colin asked me to select favorites from the 80's & 90's, I didn't know where to start and I began compiling 2 lists: it was really interesting and prompted me to dig out forgotten albums where I discovered some new favorites. For the 80's I also realized that the most prolific years (in terms of quantity and quality) were 1980-1983. The choice was tough, but I feel my selections represent well what I like today in 2009. Hope you'll enjoy them.
Soulfully yours

80's-90's BEST


Pattie Brooks – Same ("Reach for my love") (80)
Norman Connors – Take it to the limit ("Justify") (80)
David Ruffin – Gentleman Ruffin ("I wanna be with you") (80)
Angela Bofill – Something about you ("Tropical love") (81)
Jeff Lorber – It's a fact ("Your love has got me") (81)
Leon Ware – Rocking you eternally ("Rocking you eternally") (81)
Woods Empire – Universal love ("Universal love") (81)
New Birth – I'm back ("Hangin' out") (82)
Gene VanBuren – What's your pleasure ("You've got me where I want you") (82)
Dayton – Feel the music ("Promise me", "The sound of music") (83)
Gospel Unlimited – Unlimited gospel ("I found joy") (83)
Glenn Jones _ Everybody loves a winner ("Keep on doin'") (83)
Glenn Jones – Finesse ("Finesse") (84)
Ronnie McNeir – Experience ("Light my fire") (84)
Temptations – Truly for you ("Set your love right", "Memories") (84)
Chapter 8 – This love's for real ("How can I get next to you", "How is it possible") (85)
Wilton Felder – Secrets ("The truth song", "I'll still be looking up to you") (85)
Johnnie Taylor – Wall to wall ("Can I love you" ) (85)
Controllers – Stay ("Secret fantasy") (86)
Beau Williams – No more tears ("Give me up") (86)
Betty Wright – Sevens ("Share my love") (86)
Broomfield – Same ("Don't cover up your feelings", "Is it so hard") (87)
Michelle & Family Love – Reality ("Feel your love") (87)
James Robinson – Guilty ("Feel like going on") (87)
Brothers In Christ – Twinkle of an eye ("God's armor") (88)
Herbert Charles – Something about your love ("For letting her in") (88)
Visions – Same ("Love calls", "It's a choice") (88)
Shirley Brown – Fire & ice ("Ain't nothin' like the lovin' we got") (89)
Sharon Bryant – Here I am ("In the nite time") (89)
Christopher Williams – Adventures in paradise ("Sweet memories") (89)


Affair – Just can't get enough ("If only you could be mine", "Are you ready") (93)
Angelo & Veronica - Higher place ("Higher place", "If this world were mine") (92)
Art N' Soul - Touch of soul ("Goin' on", "Nature rise") (96)
Chris Ballin – Do it right ("Cry") (96)
By All Means – It's real ("Say you'll never leave me") (92)
Margi Coleman – Margi ("How I miss you", "Winnin' ova you", "I need") (95)
Will Downing – A dream fulfilled ("I'll wait") (91)
Driza Bone – Conspiracy ("Woman and a man") (94)
Lance Ellington – Pleasure & pain ("Time won't wait", "Pleasure & pain") (90)
Adriana Evans – Same ("Love is all around") (97)
Funky Company – Everytime ("Do you know") (98)
Jaki Graham – Rhythm of life ("All I do", "Rhythm of life") (96)
James Grear - Don't give up ("Beautiful black people", "You said") (98)
Impromp2 – You're gonna love it ("Get me off") (95)
Andre Lee – So good ("My shining star") (97)
Rodney Mannsfield – Love in a serious way ("Nothin' better than lovin' you") (93)
Nigel Martinez – So good ("Are you ready (for love)") (98)
Chant̩ Moore РPrecious ("Finding my way back to you") (92)
Ann Nesby – I'm here for you ("In the spirit") (96)
Nu Colours – Same ("Back together again") (96)
Phil Perry – Pure pleasure ("One touch") (94)
Lisa Scott – Same ("Got me dancin'", "Your guide") (95)
Sounds of Blackness – Africa to America ("I'm goin all the way") (94)
Special Gift – A set time ("Tomorrow") (96)
Tashan – For the sake of love ("All I ever do", "Romantically inspired", "Love is forever") (93)
True Solace - A new beginning ("Heaven's glory", "It feels good") (99)
Vertical Hold – A matter of time ("7, 6, 5 (for love)") (93)
Keith Washington – Make time for love (91)
Angie & Debbie Winans – Same ("Father father") (93)
Zhane – Saturday night("So Badd") (97)

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