Sunday 13 September 2009


Hey this blog is mainly to talk about music I like and gigs I feel are worth attention.
It's 2009 so I waited a long time to get to this point.
The music genres covered will be Soul,Soulful House,Neo Soul,Deep House,Jazz,Fusion,Brazilian,Jazz Funk,Neo Soul et all !

Firstly I will start with a list of gigs at which I will be appearing in 2009 - 2010.
Friday September 25th Soulbuggin at Moog in Nottingham
Saturday September 26th King Georges Hall Blackburn Jazz Funk Session
Friday October 2nd City Limits Sheffield Blackpool Mecca Set & Modern Room Set
Sunday October 4th Mick O'Donnells radio show @ Cambridge 209
Saturday October 24th Soul Underground / Uber @ The Rainbow Birmingham
Saturday November 14th BlackPool Tower Modern Set
Saturday November 28th King Georges Hall Blackburn Jazz Funk Session

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