Wednesday 27 January 2010


Well there we went :-) Losing the plot on route thanks to some bizarre motorway filter system.So apologies for arriving later than we had anticipated and not having my usual "mingle" time. That aside another quality night down at the Dowty Sports Complex,plenty of faces and a great vibe through all rooms.A big thank you to Neil Self and all his team for providing the equipment and the Budweiser laced ambiance.Handing over to my good friend and quality dj David Hulmes for a perspective of the night.

Soulfusion 23.01.10

Well, here goes with my attempt at writing a review of the Soulfusion night, which is held 6 times a year at Dowty’s sports and social club in Staverton, near Gloucester.

It had been over a year since Neil Self, the promoter for this event, had asked me to come and play in the modern room, so I was rather excited to say the least. I was also really looking forward to be playing alongside Colin Curtis again, it had probably been 5 years since I’d played on the same roster as Colin, and I’ve come a long way since then.

We arrived nice and early, 8 o-clock on the dot to be exact, thanks to our trusty chauffeur for the evening, Steve, thanks Steve.

As we arrived, the night had just kicked off and we were greeted by the very friendly door staff. The building was nice and warm and I was very grateful to the door staff for taking my coat and keeping it safe.

A local DJ, Rob Adams, was warming up in the modern room which was just starting to fill up, I had a quick gander at the equipment to familiarise myself before getting myself a pint to calm my nerves. Rob played a very nice and varied warm up set, which included Warm Weather by Pieces Of A Dream, Got To Find My Way by The Pockets, Introduce Me To Love by Absolute, something I hadn’t heard played out for a while and finishing off with the Traveller, Haggis Horns. Full playlists at the end of the review.

Next up was the man Steve Lloyd, a resident at the venue and a lovely bloke to boot, I don’t know who was the more excited, Steve or me, and he played like the professional he is. When I’ve heard Steve play before, he programmes a fair amount of soulful house into his spot. Tonight was different though, perhaps because he knew that Colin and myself would be playing mostly that later on. One thing Steve did play that I hadn’t heard played out since the 80’s was Leon Peterson, Don’t Squeeze The Sherm, quite a tuff record to find and we chatted about it as I sung along to all the words, “Hey baby, what you got in the bag? Dust, sherm, PCP baby, don’t you know that stuff will make you null and void”.

Steve had got the room rockin and by now it was full and so was the dancefloor, it stayed this way for the rest of the night. Finally, it was my time. I was well chuffed that Colin had suggested to Neil using pioneer 1000 CD players, these really are the dog’s what sits and definitely made my life easier, I felt really comfortable as I thanked Steve for his excellent spot, telling the crowd that I was going to slow it down a little, then build it back up.

I kicked off with John Morales’extended mix of Marvin Gaye’s I Want You. I expected the floor to clear a little, but no, it went down a storm. Next up was Ferry Ultra feat Gwen McCrae, Let Me Do My Thang, pitched up a little, this too was very well received and from there on I upped the tempo gradually, playing some recent soulful house cuts, which were all keeping the floor buzzing. Before I knew it, Colin was telling me I had one more to finish off, I hadn’t played a track for my mate Keith, so there was just time for Downtown Lady by MOD feat Gee K, something I’ve had for a few years now from Traxsource and a track that I feel deserves far more exposure.

At last, it was Colin’s turn, the room was rammed and there was a great atmosphere. I missed the first few tracks due to a visit to the little boys room and a couple of cigarettes outside, but the floor remained full to the end, which came around far too soon. Colin always plays a varied set of jazz dance, soulful house and anything else he deems good in a way that only he knows how. Perhaps he will include his playlist at the end.

All in all, this is a fantastic night, every time. Let me tell ya, If you haven't been to soulfusion yet, get yourself down there, you've been missing out. Do you remember when things were fresh and there was a great uplifting atmosphere in certain modern rooms, Lowton and Winsford spring to mind, well this club is one of the only clubs I've been to where that same atmosphere is present. Not only in the modern room, but the northern too. There are six a year, no overkill, and by the time the next one comes around, people are really excited, and it shows. The crowd in the modern room are very 'up for it', about 50% of the music is choice soulful house. There's a great sound system and it's a great venue. Take my word for it, this is a brilliant night...David

Finally, I would like to thank all the West Midlands crowd you turned out, to Smokey for an ever entertaining appearance, Shane & Bev, you made my night and last but certainly not least all the dancers, I hope you all had as good a night as I did, you certainly looked like you were lovin’ it…David


Rob Adams

    01 Warm Weather - Pieces Of A Dream
    02 Dream Ride - George Howard
    03 You Are My Starship (2009) - Norman Connors / Marion Meadows
    04 For Always - Lala Hathaway
    05 Got To Find My Way - The Pockets
    06 Hot Shot - Karen Young
    07 Black Is The Colour - Wilbert Longmuire
    08 Meet Again - Mr President featuring Mr Day
    09 Don’t Ever Wonder - Maxwell
    10 Introduce Me To Love - Absolute
    11 One Love - George Howard
    12 Heaven Knows - Lala Hathaway
    13 Bohemiam - Muro
    14 Revealed - Soulstance
    15 The Traveller - Haggis Horns

Steve Lloyd

01 Jask - Into The Night (New Mondo Sax Mix)
02 BRS ft Tania Hamilton - Nothing (D3 Mix)
03 Buki Cole & Free Radikat - Baby With The Brown Eyes
04 Jazzanova ft Phonte - Of All The Thngs
05 Deep Sensation - Togetherness (Nine Times)
06 Rare Pleasure - Let Me Down Easy
07 Al Kent - Come Back Home
08 S-Tone - Dreamer
09 Gabin - Into My Soul (Nicola Conte Jazz Combo)
10 Al Kent - I Like It
11 EasyLifeNatural - Bring It On
12 Leon Peterson - Don't Squeeze The Sherm
13 All Good Funk Alliance - Sock It To Ya
14 Aphere ft Donald - Come A Lil' Closer
15 Vick Lavinder - The L.O.V.E. Song
16 Mathew Bandy - Harlem Groove
17 Stacy Kid - Street Jazz

Dave Hulmes

  1. Marvin Gaye – I want You – John Morales Extended
  2. Ferry Ultra featuring Gwen McCrae – Let Me Do My Thang – Original Mix
  3. The Valentine Brothers – Money’s Too Tight (To Mention) – Al’s Re-Beat Edit
  4. Melba Moore – Been There, Done That
  5. Shazz – Innerside – Universal Soul
  6. Jay-J featuring Big Brooklyn Red – Decide
  7. D’Moov – For The Love Of You
  8. Mina Jackson – Usay – Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart Soulful Mix
  9. Greg Dorban – All Around
  10. UPZ – Hanging On A Dream – UPZ SoWhat Mix
  11. MOD featuring Gee K – Downtown Lady

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