Tuesday 1 June 2010


Colin Curtis Freestylin Show Saturday June 5th 8pm till 10pm and repeated Wednesday 3pm till 5 pm on Starpoint Radio
with my main man TeeCee !!
Thanks to everyone for the great feedback hope you can listen in.
Colins Curtis Freestylin' Show June 2010 Starpoint Radio by ColinCurtisMixes


  1. Change that Header Colin- its says the 2nd of June and the whole world knows it's the 27th....

    All the very best with this event-I know it's close to your heart. Right from the start I've always thought that this event could be a pointer in the direction of Modern Soul Events. I'm not much of an expert Howard Hughes gets out more than me-but I know that Events need something extra. They simply can't be just people playing tracks- you need something more.

    The three DJ's involved -Tony with his almost blind devotion-You with your years (Decades) of DJ experience-and Roger Williams (who better to represent the Soul and be able to play to a crowd) fit together and share a lot of contemplation about the night in terms of music.

    You've managed to get out a very solid crowd-especially given the Day of week. It's also quite a knowing and musically sussed crowd as well. It will build over time. It's not my place to give any advice here-blimey I am the least qualified.But I would say- please keep going with this venture- let it grow and after 20 episodes (24 is a series run)-then judge what you have achieved based on expectation.

    : )

    I'd say hand on heart if you don't go out often -or if making the effort seems a bit much-Go to this Event.

  2. Thanks John for the correction and the much appreciated and succinct comments.
    You pretty much have it nailed !!