Monday 28 July 2014


On Saturday August 9th I will be joining all these lovely people to relive some great memories of The Fleet in Peterborough !
Jazz Funk and Northern Soul memories in 3 rooms !!
COLIN CURTIS back in Peterborough Are You Sure !!!!! 

  • at 19:00
    Next Week
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    The Fleet
    Fleet Way, High Street, Fletton, PE2 8DL Peterborough, United Kingdom
Hi Friends
Well its finally happening after nearly forty years the S AND M REVIVAL NIGHT , the Fleet is booked for the 9th August 7pm till ya drop. Yes it was 9th July 1976 that Tony Seb and I started the famous S and M Entertainments disco with a Tamla Motown night at the South Grove the organising wonderful events through the late Seventies up to the late 80s at Viva La Rock with Andy Bell supporting our Dave Allen !!

We put on all types of events , Jazz Funk, with a great bunch of DJs supporting the likes of Chris Brown, Colin Curtis and Pete Tong, Northern soul with Dave David Reed and Macky supporting Richard Sealing, we promoted some great punk nights with The Dole ,The Now and the Purple Hearst, The fantastic local Reggae band the Legions blew the Grove apart,with support from Dave Reed The World disco dancing competition with the young pretender Tyson and Co attempting to dethrone the King, Trev McPherson and somehow a wet shirt competition in the middle of all that.
The Ska nights were “explosive” and our trips out to the fens were legendary, we even had a van dwellers boogie and amongst all this trying to wind our good friend Steve Allen up with our S and M funk Force t shirt on his manikin

Well it’s all being revived at the Fleet on the 9th August , We are gonna have a host of dJs and three rooms representing all the music we promoted and then a big party mash up for the last hour.

Were gonna put this event on for Ernest Embrace charity and five of your English pounds will get you into this night of fun

Let me know you can make it tell your mates and if you have any old photos dig them out and let’s make it real nostalgic night
Ps spread the word share and retweet please , we are plugging also to all our Papa Luigi friends so you may get two invites, sorry!!

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