Tuesday 15 December 2009


Reflections on the House music released in 2009

For me 2009 wasn’t a great year House music wise but having said that there are still a few things to feel positive about. My choices as highlighted below feature some great music produced in the UK. Sheffield seems to be an important location with both Groove Assassin and Jonny Montana producing quality music with various vocalists and great things are due from both in 2010. Meanwhile further South John Oudo and Jose Carretas have been building very strong reputations with a string of high quality releases. A special mention must also go to Guy Robin whose star continues to rise, his productions and remixes just get better and better. To finish off the UK talent pool Aaron Ross and Sean McCabe have also made some great music, the two cuts featured in my show below are especially good for having live bass lines and other instrumentation that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Across in the USA Vick Lavender has been receiving many plaudits for an excellent year of quality releases via his Sophisticado Imprint, he is another producer that works with many different vocalists and features as much live instrumentation as possible in his tracks resulting in a sound that is unique and appeals to people in various communities.

I have also featured a few tracks from new-comers or lesser known producers like Ian Friday/Jersey Soul/Geoffrey C and Doruk Ozlen, these guys often work on their own Edits that don’t get released commercially but they are often amongst the best things that I hear. Their productions are always worth looking out for and hopefully in 2010 they will gain more recognition.

The rest of my show below is made up of more music from the USA from stalwart producers like Blaze/Man-X/Louis Benedetti/Louie Vega/Roy Davis Jr who are well established on the scene and continue to do their thing.

I just wanted to say a final word about two guys who inspire me with what they do, namely Melvyn (Powdersoul) Dillon and Martin Faltin. Their tracks have been a major influence on my playlists this year, for the most part brilliant remixes of soul artists that I love playing. They have inspired me to start producing my own edits/remixes one of which is featured below.

If you get a chance to listen I hope you enjoy the music and lets look forward positively to 2010........

The Sounds Of Soul Mixshow MJ Year in Review 2009:

Groove Assassin & Stephanie Cooke - This Time
Jose Carretas Ft Dani - Take Your Time
Martin East Project Ft Jared Douglas - Release (Mr V)
Sterling Ensemble Ft Carlene Graham - Push It
John Oudo Ft Dionne Mitchell - It's Alright
Groove Assassin Ft Jean - Too Special
DJ Man-X Ft Blaze - Consequences

Soul Interlude 1:
Braxton Brothers - Better Than Nothing
Shakatak - Giving Up
Mz Pat - Fairplay
Roy Davis Jr Ft Terry Dexter - Horizon
Luther Vandross - My Favourite Things (Geoffrey C)
Vick Lavender Ft RJ Green - Afterparty For Two
Mechyor & MJ White - The Real Thing (Louis Benedetti)

MJ In The Mix:

Danny Clark Ft Dawn Tallman - Conqueror (Guy Robin)
Aaron Ross Ft Natasha Watts - Time To Shine
Sean McCabe Ft Adeola Ransom - A Little More Love
D'Moov Ft Nicole Henry - For The Love Of You
Walter Christopher - Heaven (Jersey Soul)
Anto Vitale Ft Tamara Wellons - Out Of This World
Kindred The Family Soul - House Of Love (Ian Friday)

Soul Interlude 2:

Lori Dow - I Love The Way
Reggie Hines - Music
Satya Project - A New Paradise

Trish Andrews - Already (SOS)
Deepa Grooves Ft Manchildblack - Natural High
Louie Vega & Julie McKnight - Bittersweet Love Affair


Words & Music Mark Jordan December 2009

MJ: “A Soul Year in review 2009”

As I have written elsewhere I found 2009 a little underwhelming House music wise (which isn’t a great thing when you have a weekly House biased radio-show) I did however find solace in the amazing number of quality releases across the Soul scene.

With the help of friends with radio-shows/podcasts or just honest recommendations I have really broadened my horizons and learnt about some great music. It must be said that narrowing down a list to a top ten of Soul releases for 2009 would have been a very difficult task, so I decided that a top forty would be the acceptable compromise. I have sequenced the tracks together in a two part mix that you can download below. I had great fun compiling this and really hope that if you listen that you enjoy and maybe some of my choices mirror some of yours.

To finish I wanted to say thanks to Colin for hosting this and also cheers to all of the people on the Soul scene that have embraced my musical taste and inspire me to do what I do.................

“The Mix Part 1”

Danielle Haynes – I Want To Be Close

Ledisi – Goin’ Through Changes

Vanessa Williams – Breathless

Ruben Studdard – Just Because

Shanice – Hold On

Brian Courtney Wilson – Just Love

Excellent Gentleman – Hard Gentleman

James Day Ft Mikelyn Roderick – Any Kind Of Love

Soulpersona Ft Sible Thrasher – Imagine

Adina Howard – What Do I Do

Marva Elane – Be Like You

The Clark Sisters, Kiki Sheard & J.Moss – I Wanna Thank You

Root Soul Ft Leon King – My Dreams Came True

Korey Bowie – Favor Isn’t Fair

45 Ft Jimmy Abney – Nothing Feels Better

Vickie McKisic – Just In Case

Carmen Liana Ft Carl “Chip” Days Jr – It’s Yours

Tamika Nicole – Get It Right

Will Downing – Something Special

Clarence Blakely – Where Do We Go Now

Joe – Can’t Get Over You

Tracy Hamlin – You’ve Got To Let Go

Reggie Hines – I Love The way

The Revelations Ft Tre Williams – Remember The Last Time

Jeff Ramsey – Move On

Peaches & Herb – Girl You Got A Home


“The Mix Part 2”

Low-D – You Bring The Change

Chico Debarge – I Forgot Your Name

Yolanda Johnson – When I See You

Katie Cole – Think About It

45 Ft Stephanie McKay – I Believe

Jeania – Play With My Emotions

Marcus Johnson Ft Maysa – Master Of My Heart

HolyBOY – Church Tonight

Norman Connors – Where Do We Go From Here

Shayna Steele – Different This Time

Jeff Majors Ft Shirley Murdock – My Body

Fola – Phenomenal Woman

Athene Wilson – We Were Meant To Be

King Ellis – Next 2 U


Words & Mix: Mark Jordan December 2009

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