Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Colin Curtis Freestylin Show (with Teecee)
Colin has been asked repeatedly over the years to produce a radio programme and as of Saturday the 8th of May you need wait no longer. The show is scheduled for 8pm UK time and repeated later in the week. Taking part this time around is yours truly.

I have played this game now for over 40 years it has become the soundtrack not just to my life but to thousands of others too.I have spent most of those years in the twilight hours in some fantastic atmospheric clubs from opulent to seedy with some incredible people who shared my passion for Soul Jazz House NuJazz Music.Over those years I have covered all genres of black music and continued to move forward as I have always found it impossible to stand still.From the heady days of The Golden Torch and Blackpool Mecca in the 60's and seventies,through Rafters Cassinellis Berlin in the 70's and 80'S to the Weekenders at Blackpool,Southport and New Soul & House nights in the nineties through to NuJazz and Soul of today.A time when I Dj'ed mainly in my own Bermuda Triangle of Manchester,Birmingham and Nottingham.I find that progress after the initial furore and impact of something new always leaves a positive addition to these musical genres.This for me has been the best ride and the best job that anyone could have.To be witness over the years to some of the best music of the US & UK presented by some superb innovation by passionate Dj's who share my ethos. These Freestylin' shows will hopefully include something for everyone at some juncture that has trodden this musical path for the last 40 years or at least part of it.The initial shows represent the impact of our current Freestylin' theme in the North and Midlands featuring initially the vibe of Tony Cooney the inspiration behind the Frodisia Sessions at The Hilton Luxury Weekenders in Blackpool and Birmingham who now teams up with myself and Roger Williams for Freestylin' @ The Mark Addy in Manchester.So a mix of all things Jazz through Soul and House will ensue. I just felt now was right to try and rededicate some of my time to Radio and hopefully some of you can join me

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  1. will there be a download available usual Ill be out
    thank you Louise