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Deep soulful house

Sophisticado Recordings presents Al Olive Beautiful stranger reworked by Sophisticado label head Vick Lavender.
Al Olive is the next big thing in the game his voice is almost magical,spiritual even and the track Beautiful stranger is a testement how this guys voice and sound is taking the game back to when singers were singers,along with the productions skills of Vick Lavender this has soul written all over it!

Beautiful stranger original version.
Frank Hames on all keys.
Lawerence peabody Ferrell on drums/percussion and Syngth bass.
Production by Frank Hames.
Lyrics written and performed by Al Olive.
Lead vocals performed by Al Olive.
Background vocals performed by Al Olive and Aundria Ferrell.

Beautiful stranger ( Vick Lavender's all soul mixes )
Frank Hames on all keys.
Lead vocals performed by Al Olive.
Background vocals performed by Al Olive & Aundria Ferrell
Brian doherty on live bass.
Mike Levin on sax and flute.
All drum programming by Vick Lavender.
For booking and or licensing please contact Sophisticado recordings at or
Production for the remix by Vick Lavender BMI
Engineered by Vick Lavender at Sophisticado studio's Chicago Ill

Beautiul stranger ( Abicahsole peaktime master mixes ).
All instruments by Abicahsole.
Mixed at Abicahsole studio's Chicago Ill

One of the hottest tracks on the scene over here at the moment is Al Olive's Slow Down available as a download on CdBaby this is the album mix,it is also available with Vick Lavender and Dolls Combers mixes on Traxsource.In the U.K. there have been remixes by Mark Jordan and Neil Tomo too.The good news for all of us is that this great new vocalist has a new album nearly ready to drop called Dreams.With all the attention he was getting coupled with my interest in all things Vick Lavender meant I had to catch up with Al for the lowdown !! So here we go !


Where were you born ?
I was born In San Bernadine, California. However my mom ended up moving when I was 3years old back to a little town called Jones Louisiana. Jones is a very, very small town. Its like, you would take a paved road for some miles; then that paved road turns into a gravel road; then that gravel road turns into a dirt road, then you would run into my grandfathers home. A farm. I had such a good time on that farm. We ended up moving from Jones Louisiana to a some what larger town called Crossett, Arkansas. That’s were I graduated high school.

What were your early musical influences ? My mom and her sisters and brothers. All were awesome singers. Outside of that I remember my Step Dad playing a number of different old school RnB and Blues records on the weekends. Among them would be great talents like: Temptations, The Ojays, Isley Brothers, Al Green, Al Jareau, Gladis Night and the Pipps, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson. The list goes on and on. However the one artist that stuck with me was Luther Vandross. I remember loving the tone of his voice. The lyrics, subject matter, harmonies, and his delivery was mind blowing. On top of that..I didn't have to strain my voice to sing his songs. It was perfect. So, day and night I would list to him on my walk-man or beg my step dad to let me play a CD. It would be Luther Vandross.

Who are your favourite female singers ?
Gladis Night, Chaka K'han, Whitney Houston, Celin Dion, and I do dig Beyonce.

Talk a little about how you got into singing ?
Well, in my early years of High School, being around some of the guys that could sing. So I ended up introducing myself, very shyly, and asking if I could join their singing group. We did a Luther Vandross song...Wow.. I could believe it! an opportunity to do an artist I love. When I opened my mouth to sing... Next thing I know everyone including parents and teachers were standing up clapping!! It was an awesome feeling. I really went home and study A few years later I went off to college. I would go to the practice rooms in the music hall with a Bomb Box radio and practice more Luther and Freddie Jackson just keeping myself busy. College was kind of lonely for me at the time. One weekend I went home to Crossett and a guy I knew there introduced me to three other guys. He said Al, I am trying to put a group together. So we practiced days on end until harmonies were tight and our chemistry was awesome. We started opening for major acts at the time in Dallas,TX, and all across Arkansas. Til one day we decided to move to Detriot,Mi. We had to get a record deal there. Again we practiced and opened for a number of artist, however no record deal. Time past the group broke up and I ended up moving to Dallas. Still thinking there has to be a way to be successful. One particular day there was an outside festival going on with live music. I went to the musicians and asked if I could sing.. They look at each other and said...well uuhh. what do you know. I said anything by Luther Vandross. So they keyed up "So Amazing". I took the mic and sang the song. The Bass player, Rick Rigsby, said to me.. Man give me your number. I may have an opportunity coming up.. A couple of months past.. Then I received a call. Rick said to me. "Al" we are trying to put the band (Buster Brown Band) back together. Come out for try outs. I have been sing with the band for 4 great years now...

Where do you currently play your live gigs ?
Majority of the gigs we play are around the DFW or Dallas Ft. Worth areas restaurants can clubs. As well as private parties and receptions

Who else from the Indie Soul world today do you believe has potential ?
Way too many to name!! Nicole Mitchell..Awesome talented individual and friend. Chocklate Moore, Two Tones, Jennifer Perryman, Natural Change who are currently working on an album..and many, many more. I am just getting introduced to the House Music world..Wow!! There is a whole world that is like and under current just waiting for an opportunity. There is this stigma that Indie artist do not have quality material.. I absolutely beg to differ

Did you spend time in clubs as you grew up ?
No I didn't spend much time in clubs. My mother wasn't having that. I went out to dances and small events but not many clubs. In fact I didn't really start club hopping until I moved to Detroit in like the late 90's. So when I went out it was shocking, exciting, and very

How did you hook up with Vick Lavender in Chicago ?
Through a close friend Nicole Mitchell. Nicole had been working with Vick for some time. Well early this summer she was visiting Chicago working with Vick on her project. She said Vick, I have a guy that has this Luther thing going but he has his on vibe. You have to know Vick. He is forever working and if its not moving he's not in it. He said yeah yeah ok. So she played the album for him. Nicole said she could tell that he wasn't really So she told Vick, listen I know you didn't really listen to this music. Take the CD listen and give me a call. Later that week Nicole call me saying Vick called me cursing saying.. Get him on the!! So we have been working hard ever since. Great friend that Nicole. I love her dearly. Great person and friend Vick. I am learning a lot from him

You have a new album coming out soon,tell us about that ?
Yes!!! I am very excited. This is a 3yr peace of work that through a lot of blood sweat and tears, so to speak, has finally come to fruition. I was blessed to find some great musicians and vocalists. Absolutely top of their game to help me bring this to life. The link pin to it all is Frank Hames. Frank is an awesome musician and studio engineer. I would call Frank up and say, "hey..I have an idea for a song.." Frank would say, "well stop by tomorrow morning and lets paint that picture..".. love him for that. The Album in laced with stories of love, opportunities for love, heart aches, I feel it is an album that will help set the mood for a romantic evening with that special someone, when your entertaining guess, or riding in your car trying to wind down. I took my time in writing the lyrics so that once the listener gets past the groove of the song, they will have some great meaningful words that they will get caught up in. Love is universal. No matter how you wrap it up. Its still love..

Your music is also being remixed by house guys like Dolls Combers etc how did that all work out ?
Mr. Vick Lavender! I wouldn't have had the opportunity with out him.

Slow Down is getting plenty of attention now were you surprised how quickly it built? one word...YES!..and to be truthful with you. I still don't have a grasp of how people feel about it. I have had my head to the grinding stone looking and working ahead to the next song, album. I hear it..but it hasn't sank in yet. I am so humbled by the DJ's response to it. I have much love and respect for them. They know what will move the crowd and I don't think they will play anything that will kill the crowd. So when I see on Facebook or Traxsource or wherever that they want to add to their play list.. I jump around my apartment like.. Thank you God for the chance and favor. I realize this is fueled by the you know I am grateful.. I just haven't witnessed it for myself. This has been a long road and a lot of hard work and my heart is in this work. I believe when I do see it.. I would probably walk away in to a private area and shed some tears.

Is the interest as high in the US as it is in the UK ?
The build is very slow. Simply because its harder to get things played here. Once someone hears it they love it. However the move is hard. It's getting great review and play in what is considered the Mid West.. Places like Chicago, Detroit, Ohio, and some parts of California. This is simply because of Vick Lavender working as hard as he does. I can't wait to get to the UK!!

What's next for Al Olive ?
I am starting to work on the next album. Writing songs. I have to keep writing songs. I don't won't to stop the momentum. Also because of the response to my work so far, i would love to visit UK, Canada, and Italy. I have never been there for starters, and I would love to meet the DJ's and people I have spoken to only through email and txt...So travel!...

List your Top 10 Songs of all time ?

Anyone who had a Heart by Luther Vandross ; By Your Side by Sade; Adore You by Prince ; We are One by Maze Ft. Franky Beverly ; Still In Love by Al Green ; Sailing by Christopher Cross ; Saturday Night by Earth Wind and Fire ; Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong ; Trouble Man by Marvin Gay ; For the love of you by Isley Brothers


  1. Great interview and what a humble his voice and his music...can't wait for the album

  2. Al and Will (Downing) are the most influential sensual Soul singers of our times!!!
    Thanks for the moments and keep on your beautiful work bro!!!