Tuesday, 11 September 2018


COLIN CURTIS presents THE SOUL CONNECTION SHOW NEW INDEPENDENT SOUL & GOSPEL 7 SEPTEMBER 2018 PLAYLIST Never Wanna Be Without Your Love Judy Cheeks Once In A Lifetime Carvin Winans All Night Rose Vincent Special (remix) Bey Bright Best Friend Lina Trust Celeste Betton I'm Gonna Love You Leroy Allen Always There Ronnette Harrison Always Kissing (feat. Tyra Juliette) Raymond Barton Only You Natasha Watts Untraceable Anita Faye Maybe Cornell Carter Can't Explain (Feat. Ellison Kendrick) HD Butterfly Gg Free to Be (feat. Maiya Sykes) Keschia Potter This Life (feat. Fiona Bailey) Mr Bailey My Love Geneivah Cant Stop(So-Emotional) Ty Causey Until Conya Doss Unbelievable (feat. Jordan Welch & Anesha Birchett) Jeffrey Dennis Weekend FiL Straughan All My Life (Full Length Album Mix) Change It Never Rains Effexs Desert Soul Remix Terry Harris Fall Hard Daytrion Cook Serious Illa Lord Knows Nic Earley Sunny Day Mr Bailey Do Something Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities Buttercup (feat. Tony Momrelle) Reel People Nobody Like You Ty Causey Babies Making Bables Mind Groovin' Relax Cornell Carter Back to Us Conya Doss Let's Walk Be Free (T-Groove Remix) YUMA HARA , T-Groove Too Late (Full Length Album Mix) Change You're the One (feat. Cowboy Supe) D'Maestro Special Day Natasha Watts Heartbeat Romina Johnson New Love Victoria Monet Heart's Desire Mind Groovin' My Desire DjSoulBr ReMix Mink Slide Rise Shaila Prospere Badeyah Cornell Carter 2nite (feat. Carol Riddick) David P Stevens Say Yes Jl Truth Makeda Nichelle Neither One of Us Mary Griffin Tried & Tested Mr Bailey Thinking About You Mary Griffin Why Have I Lost You Miracle Thomas So Close Judy Cheeks The Lesson Darryl Anders AgapeSoul The One Jl In Love ft. Brian McKnight, Jr. Brandon Williams Keep It On The Down Low Shirley Jones Teddy Bear Love Jl Enough of You Jl Sunny Day Tracy Hamlin Turn Me Out Mary Griffin Chill AF (Remix)[feat. Raheem DeVaughn] Vandell Andrew Loving Kaylee Ameri Destiny Changed Music Available @ www.cdbaby.com www.amazon.co.uk www.amazon.com www.bandcamp.com Stay Blessed Colin Curtis

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