Thursday 26 November 2009

December Gig Guide Recommendations !

Saturday December 5th

Soulful Dance @ Christmas
The Langdales
318-328 Clifton Drive North
St Annes

Admission £5.00 OTD

8:00 pm 'til 1:30 am



After a "nomadic" year SOULFUL DANCE have secured a new venue - a wonderful hotel in St Annes - "The Langdales"

"Wherever we lay our rig....................................that's our home!!!!"

Top notch venue with our own private room - seperate entrance - great wooden dance floor.

For those who may want to stop over you will have the full use of the superb leisure facilities which include a heated indoor swimming p
ool & gymnasium. We are currently working on a special bed & breakfast room rate with the hotel management. You will have to book direct with the hotel via telephone & mention "Soul Night" when booking. Website & info below.

On the music side of things we will, as always, be playing all the tunes on the Soulful, Jazzy House vibe you have come to expect from us along with our own "Lytham" exclusives & favourites.

Annual Christmas CD giveaway for the first 30 through the door. Tunes carefully selected by the 3 of us.

Soul Underground

I think I need to get on board with promo' ing this now as its a very big party for us .
Havent got our flyers ready just yet but the Uber side
of the event is sorted so we need to get the details out there because given the line up and feedback already it looks like it may be a sellout so we are having to do advanced tickets.
I will post details of Soul Underground asap but meanwhile here's the publicity from Uber so you can make arrangements ..I think the Hotel in particular will be exceptionally busy so it may be an idea to book rooms quickly as there are a lot of travellers planning to attend .
We have succeeded in getting a license extensio
n which will probably go on even later if its as busy as we expect. There will also be a ticket only VIP party prior to the event with a champagne reception and outside caterers being hired to provide food ..I'll get details for that as soon as they are sorted.

The Uber boys are really pushing the boat out for this and we'd like to congratulate them on their 5th Birthday unbelievably
advance tickets are only £ 5's their info on the night :

"Join us as we celebrate our biggest event of the year and the biggest event in our's five years of memorable parties, underground music, open minded crowds and five years of dedicated DJ’s & friends. For this special occassion we bring together more amazing world renowned DJ’s, close friends, a live P.A, a Vocal Booth Weekender Reunion & much more for what is shaping up to be our biggest event to date!

The headliners need little introduction, Phil Asher is a House music legend, Andy Ward is a pioneer of the scene both locally and internationally. Shea Soul is the voice behind some of House music's most loved tracks. What more could anyone ask for?

As always we have our amazing bar hosts ‘Soul Underground’ on hand to make our event even more eclectic and unique. Expect a celebration of Deep Soulful House, Soul, Nu Jazz and more.

And as our fifth year comes to a close we look forward to 2010 where we’ll be bringing more of the worlds best DJ’s to Birmingham. We’ve already given you Karizma, Franck Roger, Frankie Feliciano, Halo, Atjazz, Jimpster and more.... just imagine what’s in store for our 6th year!"

Our room will take care of business with the usual sparkling line up, this time hi-lighting Starpoint Radio's popular Thursday night schedule with contemporary soul boys Paul Goldsmith and Mark Jordan :

Paul Goldsmith
Mark Jordan
Lasse ( Sweden
Jamie Taylor
Glenn Worthingt

9pm - 5am.
Click here to buy
£5 tickets:


The Rainbow. 160 Digbeth High Stre
et. Birmingham. B12 0LD

Info: 07815 944 605 / (Soon to be updated)

This will be a really vibrant Christ
mas party showcasing the whole range of contemporary modern soul and house in all its glory hope you can come along and make it even more special .

Here are a few words about the long distance guest at SU for this gig Lasse from Sweden

When it all started
Back in 1987 (when I was 12 years old) I dis
covered Yo! MTV raps (when MTV still was a music video channel) and the music that they played there just hit me like a ton of bricks. It wasn’t like the other bland stuff that you heard on Swedish radio (apart from the hugely inspirational Mats Nileskar and his Soul Corner show) and that’s really when my love for music started. I don’t have any older brothers or sisters so I had to do the exploring all by myself, but I do have a mother with a great taste in music though, but more on that later.

In ´88 Pub
lic Enemy released their masterpiece ‘It takes a nation of millions to hold us back’ and that is, along with Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’, the albums that shaped my musical taste the most. While I was listening to my Public Enemy, Run D.M.C, N.W.A and Stetsasonic albums, my mother was busy listening to Barry White and Motown and suddenly I heard something on her records that I had heard earlier, on my stereo. That’s when I found out about sampling and I naturally started going backwards and my love for love music began.

The above men
tioned Barry White, as well as the Motown artists, was what I started listening to next. They where right there in my mother’s record collection (but now these records are mine, of course). For some reason, during all this, I also discovered Sade and fell in love with her music and sound, like a warm blanket on a cold December night. Then, a couple of years later, Dr Dre released ‘The Chronic’ and I found out about the whole P-funk thing and it just continued on from there.

I met a guy (a pr
oper mod) who was into Northern Soul (but we’re still friends ha ha) and he started playing all his 7” and it sounded amazing. I went to my first all nighter in around ‘95 (I remember because that’s when D’Angelo dropped ‘Brown Sugar’) in Copenhagen’s ‘Spinning Cat Soul Club’ and thought it was great with all this uptempo stuff. And then, at about four o’clock in the morning, my friend played Benny Troy and the massive ‘I wanna give you tomorrow’ and that’s when my love for 70’s soul, Disco and Philly started.

A couple of years later I heard my first “soulful” (in lack of a better word) house record and I
immediately saw/heard the connection with disco. A lot of the mods going to the all nighters down here didn’t want anything to do with the new house and hip hop stuff. But I felt that this is what mods really should be listening to: upfront, new and urban black music - pretty much just like the mods did in the sixties, but now they just want to listen to the same, thirty year old records. So I kept moving and continued to explore good music, old or new.

I remember when D’Angelo released his first album and that was another inspirational album for me. That’s great, great soul music and just another example of something new and urban that was laughed at by the mods.

Anyway, in the early 2000’s I pretty much only listened to 70’s soul, Disco and Hip Hop. I didn’t really find new soul stuff that I liked. There was of course stuff from Dave Hollister, R. Kelly and Joe that I enjoyed, you know, big artists with record label backup. But I couldn’t find the more independent stuff that I knew was out there and even though there obviously was the internet but I didn’t know where to start looking. I then met a guy, Joppe, that started to give me some recommendations and he also ran, and still runs, a very successful club here in Malmo called Function together with Sebastian, Helena and Jonte and I finally heard the newer stuff that I
had been wanting to hear for years. They invited Micke Balkefors to guest DJ once (a friend and fellow soul fanatic I’ve known for a long time, but after he moved to Gothenburg we didn’t see each other for over five years) and the stuff he played that night was a real eye opener. He told me of a place called The Essential Modern Soul Forum and after a one year think (!) I decided to join, in March 2008 and the rest is, as they say, history, if 18 months ago is considered history…

And here’s my top 20 list from the past, albums as well as
individual tracks, in no order what so ever.
• Public Enemy: It takes a nation of millions to hold us back (album)
• Dr. Dre: The Chronic (album)
• Sade: Love Deluxe (album)
• Jaheim: Ghetto Love (album)
• Benny Troy: I wanna give you tomorrow (track)
• O’Jays: I love music (track), (isn’t that what it’s all about really)
• Sam Dees: The show must go on (album)
• Roy Davis Jr.: Gabrielle (track)
• NuYorican Soul: S/T (album)
• Leroy Hutson: Lucky fellow (track)
• Al Wilson: Show and tell (track)
• D’Angelo: Brown sugar (album)
• Bridge: Baby, don’t hold your love back (track)
• Silvetti: Spring rain (track)
• Luther Vandross: Are u using me (track) (MAW mix)
• Dave Hollister: It’s alright (bonus hymn) (track)
• Logg: S/T (album)
• Stevie Wonder: I can’t really pick a track or an album so I won’t.
• Lenny Williams: Gotta lotta luv (House mix) (track)
• Mark Capanni: I believe in miracles (track)

That’s it, but if you ask me tomorrow I’ll have a different 20.

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