Monday 22 March 2010


Well, what a weekend!! Another great Prestatyn event comes and goes. I get there earlier than ever these days, and don’t leave the site until Monday, but these weekends still fly by in a blur………as they say, time flies when you’re having fun.

I think live act wise this one was special for some very specific reasons. Firstly, the fact that TWO house legends took to the stage together was special. Then consider that, by virtue of the style of music they are best known for, they are probably most use to performing to backing tracks, but not this time………………a full band, and a great one at that: the Black Masses Orchestra. This made for a truly memorable show, and adding to the magic, alongside their club anthems they performed some soul classics, making for a nice varied set.

Then on Saturday we get the astonishing Tortured Soul. Here we have a band whose sound completely belies their number, who have a (very good) drummer as a (very accomplished) lead vocalist, and who cleverly segue their set together in a way that a DJ would with music of said tempo. As with Friday then, some very specific good reasons why we should feel privileged to have witnessed them live at Prestatyn this year. Awesome!

And last but by no means least, William “Smoke “Howard, who whilst not afforded the limelight like the others, performed his new cuts with great credibility. I know that he and his team were very happy with the weekend and made a lot of good contacts in the UK.

A massive shout to Fish then for an inspired live act line up for Prestatyn Midnight Hour 2010. Take a bow mate!

Away from the acts, the weekend passed to the soundtrack of some great and varied music from a host of quality DJ’s, through some great themed sessions across the two (modern) rooms. To be honest, with the radio to look after, Dj’ing in the arena’s etc, etc, I rarely stayed in one place long enough to comment on whole sessions, but can say that the general vibe was one to be savoured. So many good friends and good times!! Not going to single anyone out, but some fantastic laughs along the way.

I have to say a massive thank you to all those people who offered their time to present on the radio station, it is much appreciated! For obvious reasons I do try to catch as much radio as possible when back in the chalet, and can tell you that I did not hear a bad show where I was able to tune in. So, from Colin Brown and myself, THANK YOU.

And finally, well done to Carl at Starpoint for the live broadcasts……nice one!

I have some great personal memories to take away from this weekender.

A great event that goes from strength to strength: Prestatyn Mark Randle


Here is Geoff Burgess's review of the Prestatyn"House Of Soul" Jazz Session.
Geoff is of course part of the long time established and respected Soul Intent collective from Sheffield and was of course dj'ing on radio and in the rooms at Prestatyn.
Knocked out to be opening proceedings for the jazz session at the Prestatyn Weekender; I've been subliminally planting messages in Fish's brain for the last
couple of years. The session started at 2 o'clock and had a few in from the off and when I packed away my record bags at 3:30 the place was rammed for Colin's spot. Bob & Colin both played some superb tunes ... loved the live version of 'Little Black Samba' by Grady Tate and the Al Lindrum's Magic Hat 'Hide & Seek' sounded superb through a big system. Bob played a full-on set with some killer tunes Dizzy Gillespie's 'Caravan' and 'Boss Tres Bien' by Quartette Tres Bien.
In the 90 minutes I tried to fit in as much as I could, tracks that reflected the many facets of jazz dance.
It seems that one's on the cards for next year so let's hope we can get plenty of jazz-dancers to make it a proper spectacle as well as an aural delight.
I wanted to avoid the obvious easy route of all new(ish) dance-floor friendly european sounds, so played a mixed bag and where Nicola Conte did appear it was on little known tracks.
I feel very privileged to be have been a part of the event, particularly as it meant playing alongside two fellas that I hold in the highest regard, so here's to next year and here's what I played:
Dwayne Morgan - Intro
Richie Cole - New York afternoon
Jorge Ben - Oba la vem ela
Paula Lima - Quero ver voce no baile
Toco - Zum Zum (original version)
Marco di Marco - Take off (Nicola Conte Campi's Idea version)
Orange Pekoe - Song bird (Os Bossa 4 version remixed by Nicola Conte)
Fuzz against Junk - Latino (Nicola Conte version)
Benny More -Babarabatiri
Kid Frost - La Raza
Bob Azzam - Batucada por favor
Lindberg Hemmer Foundation ft' Mark Murphy - Little things
Little Kids - Let the rhythm hit 'em
Studio Apartment - Campo na primavela
Rhythmagic Orchestra - African mailman
Nina Simone - Return home
Gerardo Frisina - African seeds
Fela Kuti - Roforo fight

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  1. Colin - what's with all the gesticulating in the background - very expressive!!
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