Monday 8 March 2010


We are nearly there now for the March Prestatyn Soul Weekender commencing on Thursday 18th March - Monday 22nd 2010.
Below are the Modern Soul DJ times so you can follow your own schedule and of course the superb live acts Kenny Bobien,Stephanie Cooke & Tortured Soul.

**STOP PRESS Kimara Lovelace now added on backing vocals for Kenny & Stephanie"**
This is going to be one great weekender !!!!

Prestatyn March 2010
08.00pm-09.00pm Colin Brown
09.00pm-10.00pm Soul Intent
10.00pm-11.00pm Jamie Taylor
11.00pm-12.00pm Fish
12.00pm-12.20am William 'Smoke' Howard - PA
The Black Masses Orchestra
01.30am-02.30am Colin Curtis
02.30am-03.30am Steve Hobbs
03.30am-04.30am Bob Jones
01.00pm-06.00pm 'BOOMERANG' 70'S SOUL SPECIAL
Maria O, Soul Sam, Arthur Fenn,
Cliff Steele & Dave Ripolles.
08.00pm-09.00pm Soul Intent
09.00pm-10.00pm Cliff Steele
10.00pm-11.00pm Tats Taylor
11.00pm-12.00pm Mick Farrer
12.00pm-01.00am Mark Randle
02.00am-03.00am Fish
03.00am-04.00am Soul Sam
04.00am-05.00am Ivor Jones
01.00pm-06.00pm 'MSC' (MODERN SOUL CLASSICS)
Louby, Steve Woomble,
Chris Box, Ricki Woollons & Fish.
08.00pm-10.00pm Mick Farrer & Steve Hobbs
10.00pm-11.00pm Jamie Taylor
11.00pm-12.30am Mark Randle
12.30am-02.00am Soul Sam
09.00pm-10.00pm Colin Brown
10.00pm-11.00pm Soul Intent
11.00pm-12.00pm Neil Self
12.00pm-01.00am Chris Dalton
01.00am-02.00am Mark Randle

Welcome To The Weekend With
The ''SOUL INTENT'' Collective
Modern Soul 70's - New Release.
04.00pm-08.00pm Geoff Burgess, Martin Smith
Keith Fox & Martin Lang
70's Connoisseurs, Crossover & Classics Session.
08.00pm-10.00pm Ivor Jones
10.00pm-11.30pm Cliff Steele
11.30pm-01.00am Dave Ripolles
01.00am-02.30am Soul Sam
02.30am-04.00am Tats Taylor
04.00am-05.00am Arthur Fenn
05.00am-06.00am Mick Farrer
''Jazz In The House'' - Jazz Dance Session.
02.00pm-03.30pm Geoff Burgess
03.30pm-05.00pm Colin Curtis
05.00pm-06.30pm Bob Jones
The Latest Soulful Dance & House Classics
with LIVE PERCUSSION from Glenn Worthington.
09.00pm-10.30pm Mark Randle
10.30pm-12.00pm Neil Rushton
12.00pm-01.30am Bob Jones
01.30am-03.00am Steve Hobbs
03.00am-04.30am Colin Curtis
04.30am-06.00am Jamie Taylor
''Kings Of Crossover'' - 70's Connoisseurs Session.
01.00pm-02.00pm Tats Taylor
02.00pm-03.00pm Ivor Jones
03.00pm-04.00pm Cliff Steele
04.00pm-05.00pm Arthur Fenn
05.00pm-06.30pm Soul Sam


Kenny Bobien
New Jersey's Kenny Bobien is one of the most widely recognized male singers in house and is often referred to as the “King of Gospel House Music”, but he doesn't fit the image commonly associated with underground dance music. Kenny is a Singer, Songwriter and Producer and as well as being a Pastor at his church, Bobien is a dedicated family man and the father of a large family.

With almost twenty years of experience in the music business, Kenny continues to amaze audience’s world wide with his stage presence and voice. Bobien's distinctive falsetto has powered many a club anthem through work with such notables as the Dennis Ferrer, Louie Vega, DJ Spen, Basement Boys and Kerri Chandler. In 1999 he released Blessed (A Gospel Dance Theory), a full-length album of soulful, uplifting New Jersey house.
His recordings are an impressive string of quality releases, which includes the motion picture soundtrack "Hanging With The Homeboys", "You Are My Friend", "Father", "Rise Above The Storm", "Brighter Days", "Let Me Show you", "I shall not be moved”, "Superficial People", "Reach", "Blessed" and “Grateful” These are just a few of the songs that have inspired so many.
As well-loved as he is in the soulful house scene, he has also carved out a name for himself as a background vocalist in R&B, making his voice almost impossible to avoid in urban music. He has also performed with R & B legend Teddy Pendergrass, Celine Dion, Taylor Dayne, Jennifer Holiday & Milira. He has also worked with top producers Frankie Feliciano and Albert Menendez, Studio Apartment, Dennis Ferrer, Louis Benedetti, BOP (Paul Scot and Shank Thompson), Teddy Douglas, Kerri Chandler, Little Louie Vega, Wayne Williams , DJ Spen & Karizma.

Stephanie Cooke
Stephanie Cooke is a singer/songwriter whose roots are based in urban Newark, NJ. Born and raised there, she grew up in church like many in the music industry, and found her beginnings in the choir and in small groups as she developed her singing and arranging skills. She wrote her first song under pressure to impress a would be manager who told her that only the artists who could write these days would be successful. That song got recognition at ASCAP and was featured at a songwriter’s workshop where it received rave reviews. This was a stepping-stone in her career as all the publishers at the workshop became interested in hearing what she had to offer. Less that one year later she was writing, arranging and doing background vocals on many major projects and being called upon by many labels to offer songs.
Within eighteen months, she was flaunting a publishing deal that lead to her relationship with producers such as Jermaine Dupri, Soul Shock and Carlin, All-Star, DJ Enuff, and the list goes on. During this time she wrote for such artists as Aretha Franklin, Jody Watley, Tyrese and numerous new comers even rearranging song for remixes for the Braxtons and SWV.
For the last ten years she has made her home as an artist in dance music recording many songs on Kingstreet Sounds. This relationship yielded a full length album which was released in 2003. the album is a combination of many of the songs she recorded over the years along with a few new things.
These days, Stephanie is reaching new heights as an artist and has come into her own on the stage. New relationships and circles of producers, a new home label and extended family have taken her career as a writer and performer to another level. She’s currently working on a new album with West End Records with Blaze leading the list of great producers promised to appear on the project. She recently recorded several songs with Blaze that truly set a pace for her career including titles such as “Love Will,” Lover’s Holiday,” and “Love makes the World go ‘Round”. This coming year promises to be one filled with great new creations on her palette of fine recordings with the future brighter than ever she has nothing but “Phenomenal Woman” on her agenda.

Tortured Soul
Born of the simple yet adventurous belief that modern dance music can be performed completely live, Brooklyn’s Tortured Soul packs dance floors with their unique live performances, while their recorded oeuvre pushes the genre boundaries of soul, dance, and pop.
Tortured Soul has blazed an amazingly uncommon trail through the world of modern music. Following the early success of their now-classic dance singles “I Might Do Something Wrong,” “Fall In Love” and “How’s Your Life” in 2001 and 2002, Tortured Soul formed officially as a live band and booked their first nationwide tour in 2003, often playing in club settings that had never before seen a live act perform dance music so seamlessly. With the devotion of club-goers and DJs cemented as their foundation, TS branched out to live venues and festivals worldwide, from Tennessee’s Bonnaroo, to the UK’s Big Chill, to the Java Jazz Festival in Indonesia. Today, after 5 years of touring and a reputation for a live show nothing short of legendary, they are perhaps the only band in the world that can rock the main room at Fabric (London) at peak hour, as well as a 15,000+ festival crowd at the Montreal International Jazz Festival.
Combining elements of old soul and funk with a modern dancefloor sensibility, Tortured Soul’s style is both an echo of the past and a challenge to the future. This blend of sounds has won them praise from palettes as diverse as Lenny Kravitz and Barry Manilow, and made them a fave pick of DJ’s across many genres. Their tracks have received remix treatment from such luminaries as Osunlade, DJ Spinna, Alix Alvarez, Quentin Harris and Dimitri from Paris among others, and have appeared on over 25 compilations by the most prominent dance labels, from Hed Kandi to Defected – a testament to the impact they’ve had on current dance music.
2006 saw the release of their highly lauded first full-length album “Introducing Tortured Soul,” (Purpose Records / R2 Records) which collected their early 12” singles with some new studio gems, and fans around the world have been waiting with baited breath for the sophomore effort ever since. In early March 2009 the wait will be over, as Tortured Soul drops their new album “Did You Miss Me” on the band’s own newly formed TSTC Records (Dome UK/Europe, Columbia Japan). Previewed for fans with the 3-song/1-remix “In Transit EP” in Spring ’08, “Did You Miss Me” picks right up where “Introducing” left off. As it winds its way through infectious disco grooves, heartfelt raw soul, and lyrical themes that range from melancholic love, infidelity, and party-going mirth, the album coheres as the group’s most accessibly diverse effort to date.
With the launch of TSTC Records, the new album “Did You Miss Me” forthcoming, and worldwide touring to follow, 2009 is sure to be a huge year for Tortured Soul. Standing on the vast musical foundation that they themselves have laid, Tortured Soul looks eagerly to the future — and in the words of Gilles Peterson, “the future of house music” is Tortured Soul.

William Howard, known as "SMOKE", a veteran performer, has been a soulful entertainment messenger of "Life & Love" for over 30 years. A native of Bristol, TE, Smoke formed the group The Fabulous Nu-Tones while in college and wrote and recorded his first release on vinyl . His singing career took off when he led and managed a number of bands. His list of accomplishments includes former lead singer of "The Ebonys", (his rugged and powerful voice distinguished many of their songs); featured vocalist on "That's What Love Does" written and produced by Vincent Montana, Jr.; first-class performer having performed on the same ticket with such greats as Al Green, Chi-Lites, Delfonics, Heatwave, Intruders, Ohio Players, Stylistics, etc; and now, solo recording artist currently working on his second CD to be released Spring 2010.
"Smoke" made his first trip to the United Kingdom in October of 2009 and did an impromptu performance of "That's What Love Does", a song that is well known on the UK dance scene. After getting a taste of the UK soul scene and lovin' it, he returns to Prestatyn for the March Weekender bringing to all the wonderful soul enthusiasts the premier of his latest releases - performing them for the first time ever at Prestatyn.
Known for his rugged and powerful voice, "Smoke" delivers once again with songs that reflect his message of "Life and Love".
Whether it be a funky, mid-tempo groove, a hip-hop inspired cut, or a heartfelt ballad, he delivers, as only Smoke can, Smokin' Sounds With A Message You Can Dance To!!!


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