Friday, 23 August 2019


DINGWALLS in a Tent, We Out Here Festival 2019 - Love Dancin' Tent BIG LOVE & THANKS
Ok here comes the ramble. Some 30 serious plus years ago i stumbled upon a Musical World that was to change & shape my life forever. Sounds dramatic, evangelical, well yes it was, it is. I had found my purpose, my mission, my family! I clubbed 3/4 sometimes 5/6 nights a week, no distance was too far in my little 2CV6, sometimes It was overloaded with other clubbers, or I was on my todd. It didn’t matter, because I knew I would be sharing a space with others who like me needed to dance, to immerse themselves in this incredible music, played by people who felt the same way about it as us. It was about sharing the passion & it was so tangible, you could taste it. They were magical times & pretty intense and they set many of us on a path that we never truly came off. In 2007 we decided to resurrect The Talkin’ Loud Sunday Afternoon sessions at Dingwalls that ran from 87 - 91, as a one off celebration, it was a risk, clubbing had changed, it had evolved, was more diverse musically, which was great on one level but on another had lost that musical family feeling of what “Clubbing” meant to me. But like us it was still important to those that had experienced it and this time they came with family and so our one off - happened every year and recently twice!! The reason I’m going over old ground is that Gilles’ new Festival We Out Here evoked those very same feelings for me, It gave me that sense of belonging - it was a giant club! combining the passion, knowledge & inspiration of the legendary Club sessions & musicians of old, with the new musical visionaries continuing to spread the Musical World we love in their own inspirational way to the next generation. 
Wow it was truly 4/5 days of none stop joyous pleasure, meeting friends from time and current. We danced & sang with our kids, their friends and our wellies  The Love Dancin’ tent run by the wonderful Colleen Murphy & husband Adam along with the amazing Mr Scruff nurtured us and our sound. Our guest DJ’s the brilliant Kev Beadle and legendary Colin Curtis read the vibe perfectly & made my legs & face ache from the continuous dancing & smiling. Gilles who spent the 4/5 days being absolutely everywhere at the same time gave us an eyes closing deep Love set and Mr Forge from his first record at 12noon to his last at 7.10pm not only was he pitch perfect, every tune touching your head, heart & legs (I’m so broken 😂 ) but he also did much of it whilst holding one of his twin boys!! How he managed to do everything one handed was quite unbelievable. 
Our Tent was white, bright & our wooden dance floor was mud dry 😁 you couldn’t get a space more different to Dingwalls if you tried!! and yet for 7 hours we danced, we smiled, we shouted, we clapped, we hugged, we laughed and we sang our hearts out - The Dingwall glow was that of the Sun & the heat from our bodies. The Dingwall Vibe had such strength that when I said to Gilles wouldn’t it be great to have Gary Bartz in here, literally within 1 minute of saying this & Gilles disappearing through the gap in the tent, he returned like the magician he is with the one and only Gary Bartz. The crowd went mad, a tune was played It was just gobsmacking magically brilliant which continued on a mega level when Mr Bartz played the Main stage after Dingwalls.WOW! 
So yes I’m sure there were things that didn’t pan out & the driving rain on Friday was challenging but hey that’s Festivals baby, and no doubt the Chaps are already re-living every dodgy moment😁because that’s what good Organisers do and they are bloody good.
So THANK YOU Gilles, you are our musical magnet & it's your passion and vision that navigate us to all that is good. To Noah Ball, Joe Barnett & all those who helped you create this first We Out Here Festival - It really was a true celebration of our Musical World & finally MASSIVE THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CHECKED OUT THE UNKNOWN, WITH A LOT OF HAPPINESS, PATIENCE & LOVE - A FESTIVAL AINT A FESTIVAL WITHOUT LOVELY PEOPLE Jxxxx PS was way too busy to take many pics/vids but here's a few that I've stolen from the Maddi Neye-Swift Jake Mac Neye-Swift & Zara Zara

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