Monday, 8 March 2010


Just a big thank you to all the good people who made it down to our 2nd Freestylin' Party @ The Mark Addy In Manchester.A great time was had by all another top social and dance session with quality tuneage and big thanks from Tony,Roger,Mark and myself.The next Freestylin'Session ewill be Bank Holiday Sunday May 2nd 2010 with the usual 5.00pm start till late as you have all got Monday off work.
Here's what a few people had to say Lesley/Rotherham Brillliant event and managed to meet all our expectations, following on from the first event. The venue is so lovely, as soon as you walk in it works it's magic and makes you feel that you are part of something special.

Top people, something a little different musically and Mark Grice doing his best Wheeltappers and Shunters impersonation on the Mike..... all on a normally boring Sunday. And the company of the Coxes!!!! Does life get any better? Nahhh.

Still very exciting and hopefully in May we will get to enjoy the outside space a little. Cos it was steeeeeeaming hot in there which I suppose was nice after battling through the snow (I'm such an old soul soldier!!!!!) but it did make me hair go funny!
Trevor from Sheffield said What a fantastic night. Music was great from start to finish. Venue was spot on. Well done to all concerned......the Sunday alldayer is back
Also got to thank Miss Cooper for not getting lost once [in both directions] despite my attempts to distract her.
Trev & Denise
Steve from Hull A night of ace-ness.... Fine tunes, fine people, spot-on venue, a decent pint, met some great new folk, bought some lovely new tunes off Fish... What a fab way to spend a Sunday afternevening... We even managed to find the hotel afterwards, which was a bonus...

Hey, on the hotel front, that was fab too. £39, right next to Harvey Nicholsons (as I call it much to Louby's disgust), within easy staggering distance of the Mark Addy... So we've rebooked for 2nd May....
Pete Haigh Soulful Dance Lytham ....u know a nite is a must when u get out of bed on nite shifts to attend!!!!
...#02 at the venue and deffo busier than the last one with all the right faces in and an equal appreciattion of the jazz,dance, and soul flavas........yes i loved it!
.....the "soulfuldance@" posse was in full effect and lets not forget the Barrow crew and a mini Hudersfield prescence... ...manchester was well represented with Kingbee,s Les Hare, and the man that is-Hewan Clarke!!!........Dean must have been snowed in..
knackered now but worth it....cheers chaps.
roll on #03
Marion West Midlands What a great way to spend a Sunday evening..great venue, musically top notch.....Danced as much as my recovering leg would allow.
Many thanks to Lin, for driving and providing the buffet on the way home and even more grateful thanks to the Sat Nav lady ( she only got shouted at a couple of times) even though she lost the signal on the way home..Leeds? Preston ? who knows but we made it. !
Louby Hull That was a pretty amazing night wasnt it!!! Great venue, top dj's and top tunes all night long. Plus an array of beautiful people who could wish for anything more. Yes Sunday has now become the new Saturday. We will be back for more. Fantastic!!!
Julia Soulful Dance Lytham Really it's about making the effort isn't it...?
I had a great time at the Event-it was sociable and cosy-Where else can I turn to Soulful Dancer and accuse her of pinching my arse....(it'll be black and blue tomorrow)....OMG.....that was you.. I should have guessed....what kind of lunatic makes an introductuon like that...
Well at least i know who you are time I'll have plenty to say to you.... lol
A very enjoyable night...great vibe with lots of energy...
Was that really a Sunday???
Thanks Steve for being the driver for the evening.We've already got arrangements in place for the next one...
Lin Soul Underground
All those travellers from all those places and all on a Sunday too must be totally made up
Andre De Lange sounded totally wonderful ,like it always does.. we had a lovely time and its so lovely to have a reason to book a Monday off ..I'm loving having a jim jam day today,scratting about doing nothing but listen to music
Thats twice Ive managed to find Manchester now .. I'm getting good
Just a big thank you to everyone who made it last night.Especially the travellers Blackpool,Hull,London,Sheffield,Telford,Himley Village,Merseyside,Burnley,Chorley,Darwen,St.Helens,Wolverhampton,Yorkshire,Stoke,Leicester & of course the resident Manchester crew !!
Some pics on the way.And yes Julia it was a Sunday,still surprises me :-)
I saidThanks for coming down great to see you all.
Next one is a bit easier its a Bank Holiday Sunday May 2nd !
Big thanks to Tony Mark & Roger who did a great job dropping some top tunes.And of course Barry who kept me sane and provided the superb sound.
Big thanks to the staff who did a top job again and also the numerous people who have phoned and e-mailed today who said they panicked and didn't come because of the snow,I fully understand we had a real heavy fall in Stoke at around 7am in the morning and I know if you lived high up it was worse.Caused a bit of panic for myself but thankfully the roads were clear on the night.
Hopefully see some of you folks in May when the snow should have f**cked off and been replaced by Mr.Sunshine. !

Heres a few pics :

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