Monday, 8 March 2010


First time for the Frodisia Jazzy Session appearing at Soul Underground now in it's 9th year and still one of the most musically progressive venues.First time for all of us in the Warehouse venue behind The Rainbow in Birmingham's Digbeth area.Big shout to Adrienne Morris from The Blackpool Luxury Soul Weekenders who unleashed her talents in dressing the room for the party.Lin opened proceedings with her usual mixture of classy mid tempo soul and Jamie raised the pace as the night started to develop in true SU fashion with good support from the regular faces.Tony Cooney blasted off the Frodisia Session with some firm favourites such as S-Tone Inc,Tape Five,Five Corners Quintet,Nicole Conte,Little Kids,Grover Washington etc . I followed Tony and ran through Jazz,Soul and house tunes as the vibe continued.Glenn Worthington did his usual sterling job on percussion to underpin the overall flow of the night.
For the next Soul Underground Party watch this space !! I will get the date on the blog as soon as I have it.
A few comments on the night Ian W from Walsall said Just been catching up,late night ,early morning Saturday sunday and then a session watching the footy on Sunday and celebrating in a bar full of villa fans.....priceless.
The "SU vybe" took a while to get going but once it did those that were there were treated to an array of magical tunes that can only be SU.
Thanks Lin,Tait and Jamie for keep putting on the best contempory soul parties and never stagnating (Thanks to Fro-Disia, Tony and Colin worked their magic to keep the floor buzzing with Colin once again proving why he is NO1. Some amazing music.
Lin , we will be waiting and ready for the next party
Lin said Tony Cooney was absolutely blinding ..what an awesome set of music delivered so stylishly and so full of enthusiasm he may as well have been playing to 5 thousand people .. I had never heard some of those tracks before but they were so obviously intelligently programmed and thought about as proved by the spontaneous bursts of applause and appreciation throughout his set ..really wonderful Tony and I'm so very sad that you never got to experience playing to a jam packed Bar .. they would have adored you..I heard nothing but great feedback about your set ,just stunning ..many thanks .
Colin took over the reins and played an immensly eclectic set of music ..I love it when he does this because he goes all over the place and showcases a whole range of music spanning the genres...from the very best cutting edge new soul tracks through to big jazzy records that were totally new to me ..again a very thoughtful and innovative set from the man ,tinged with sadness that there werent a few more bodies to appreciate played a blinder Colin ,thank you.
I have to say a very special thankyou to Adrienne Morris for dressing our room ,she warmified it and completely changed the whole aspect of it ,it looked absolutely stunning and she's so clever so massive gratitude to her for giving up her weekend to help us out ..very talented lady who'se creative talent lit up the room as much as her dancing shone on the floor.A HUGE thank you to all the SU regulars who never fail to support.
Steve from Hull Well I had a great time once I found my feet in a new place - fantastic tunes of loveliness all night! Yes, the venue was different to usual and felt a bit strange at first but once I'd settled into it all was fine! And variety is great really innit? Otherwise we'll stagnate (or summat) And respect to the SU gang for at least having the balls (well, not literally for you of course Lin!) to try something different. Great concept to get involved on a night with Karizma & Atjazz, and good on yer for even going for it!
I wanted to go and check out the big room a few times, but every time I headed towards the door another magnetic tune locked its forcefield on me and dragged me back....
Adrienne had made the room look spiffing, and what about that deck stand! I wanted to go and get the car and chuck it in the back and drive off into the sunset - fab!
I can only speak as I find... And I found a night of great tunes, friends and joy. What more is there?...Hey, we even stayed til the end and were about the last out I think...
SU - onwards & upwards!
Here's some images from the night

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