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This interview is with Paul Goldsmith who has a very popular soul radio show on Starpoint Radio that goes out on a Thursday night between 7pm angd 9 pm preceding Mark Jordans excellent SOS Mix Show.I have got to know Paul over the last couple of years and he is a top man,knows what he wants and puts the time and effort into his radio show,unearthing plenty of great new soul material.You can keep up to date with his efforts on his blog at be prepared to empty your wallet :-)

Here we go ! Hey Paul !
Where were you Born ?
Islington, London in ‘65

Where did you grow up ?
I grew up just outside Luton after moving to Bedfordshire at the tender ago of 3

What were your early musical influences ?
Not so much artists as I’d pretty much listen to anything when I got bitten by the bug around the age of 14 – it was more the DJ’s and event at the time that probably had the biggest influence on shaping me musically.

Did you listen to music on the radio back in those days ?
Of course Robbie was a major influence and, locally, Martin Collins and Louie Martin all had my ears every week as did Greg Edwards. The newer sides of things has always be my mainstay although I did have the obligatory collecting relapse, as most of do, when the kids came along.

As your interest progressed did you start collecting vinyl ?
I used to skip lunch all week at school, save my dinner money, and head down to the local import store every Saturday morning. Those early purchases were the latest 7” releases but eventually I moved on to buying import albums and twelves – the first of which was Bobby Thurston “The Main Attraction” if memory serves. Carefully carrying them home on the bus, treating them like porcelain, anticipating the adrenalin rush as the needle dropped – happy days ! From then on cellophane and sticky labels became the bane of my life !

What year would that have been ?
The first record I bought was Tom Browne “Funkin’ For Jamaica” so I guess that makes it 1980

Which artists influenced your taste the most ?
Although many artists and genres have touched me in some way over the years, the O’Jays, Maze and Luther were making the music that probably has set the tone. As my tastes evolved many genres and styles have taken their toll on the heart and the wallet. Fair to say I have quite an electic collection all told, a deep love of house, the soulful, dance side of jazz and also smooth jazz, I love contemporary gospel and also an extensive library on the more urban side of things. Bit of everything I guess !

Were you a clubber or did you find music your own way ?
Regular clubber and a regular attendee at all the big weekenders down South. The Nineties saw us move further afield, the Norfolk Village for example, but it was generally radio and weekenders that supplied my thirst. Later on as money became more free, regular trips to London, especially Bluebird, also provided a regular source.

Which clubs did you attend and which dj's club or radio did you rate ?
Yes a weekly clubber at the Pink Elephant in Luton and a Sunday night regular at the legendary Crown in Dunstable, Beds. The ones I've mentioned before but gotta add 2 local DJ's tucked away a back room at the local nightclub we visited every Saturday - Tony Paul & Kev Steed. Great DJ's who knew how to hold a dancefloor - all done with great taste

Cd's came along and the majority of our music only came out on this format how did you view the change ?
To be honest, I actually hated it and I’m sure I said at one point I’d never buy a CD – sacrilege! Oh how times change eh ?! I took the plunge for the first Rodney Mannsfield CD and never looked back !

I know you like soul music in all it's genres do you think some people become tunnel visioned about certain styles ?

To be honest, yes. In the particular the Northern Soul has always touched a nerve. I appreciate that it has shaped so many peoples lives, spawned so many legendary venues and records but the current scene just leaves me cold. Original vinyl only, buying complete rubbish for ridiculous amounts just to be able to say “look what I’ve got” – makes my blood boil – sorry :-)

Name ten records that would be the dna for your taste ?

As you’ve said Colin, my taste spans many genres and at times quite electic ! Here’s a quick, few random ones that encapsulate styles that move me:

Bobby McClure – You Bring Out The Love In Me
Maze – Can’t Get Over You
Dells – I Touched A Dream
Will Downing – Fantasy
DaQuela Payne – Happy
Incognito – True To Yourself
Brenda Boykin – Love Is In Town
Elements Of Life – Into My Life
Joe – Wanna Be Your Lover
Reuben Studdard – Just Because

Did you go to see live acts living in the south with access to the London venues ?

The Pink Elelphant attracted at whole host of big names in those days and, looking back on a lot of them, one hell of an achievement. Despite the some of the best acts of the day, the highlights for me were Bobby Womack and Maze at the Hammersmith Odeon – spine tingling and still raises the hairs on the back of the neck thinking about it to this day !

Were you involved at all with any of the London developments such as Rare Groove,Caister,Giles Peterson,George Power etc or were your influences elsewhere ?

Caister was my first weekender at sixteen and really opened my eyes to what was out there. Froggy, Chris Hill et al were a whole new world and I just loved coming back home with a bunch of hastily scribbled note on the tracks that I’d fell in the love with over the weekend. Outside of the radio shows I listened to, Caister and its various other guises in subsequent years, became my focal points for hearing new material until the whole wekender thing changed in the mid Nineties.

You have been running a blog for a while talk us through that,set up and goals etc ?

Really just a vehicle to spread the ethos of the show and hopefully generate some interest in new music. I post the playlist each week and the audio is available shortly after. The podcast and download is doing really, really well and the feedback from both punters and artists alike is really encouraging.

You now have a regular radio show on Starpoint promoting new music every Thursday night between 7-9 talk us through all the hardwork that goes into that and your current feelings about the music you promote on it ?

For anyone that produces a media show, especially weekly, it is a very, very much a labour of love. Contrary to some opinion, there’s no financial gain whatsoever and can be very expensive. I like to keep the show reasonably fresh which of course creates it’s own demands. With it being a new music show, the pursuit of the enough quality material to fill 2 hours each week is very time consuming – let alone the cost of buying the material. The daily one to two hour churn through the limited sources out there is of course time consuming and double figure hours go into the finished article that goes out on a Thursday. Yes, hard work but I do it purely for the love of new music and the hope that, not only that people like what they’re hearing, the show makes a difference to the current crop and future makers of the music we love so much.

Do you think the download trend via CDBaby,Digstation,Traxsource,Amazon,Itunes etc has been a positive thing for the music we all love,allowing more people to access ?

Without a doubt Colin. I’m no expert but the number of outlets and the general desire to have the physical product is diminishing rapidly. With digital media so freely available and so easily accessible these days, any artist not utilizing this format on release really is limiting their market in my opinion and, of course, the chances of a return on their artistry, time and investment.

Are you looking to do more dj work in clubs on the back of the radio ?

Absolutely love to Colin – there’s a lot more to me musically than perhaps my Starpoint show portrays sometimes and from the events where I’ve DJ’ed to date – no complaints so far ! Promoters take note – no risk, no reward :-)

Who else do you listen to on the radio and which club nights do you frequent ?

It’s it not obvious so far or form the show, my ears normally only stretch themselves to shows that embrace the newer side of things. They are not only a great source of inspiration but also a source of new material for the collection and show – there’s always something that slips through the net. Fellow Starpoint DJ’s Mark Randle & Gary Lee are always a great listen and Roger Williams, Geoff Bingham, Tony Ray and Paul Clifford are always essential listening for me. Podcaster Mark Merry also produces a regular download that is also a top drawer listen. Soul Underground in Birmingham is my regular trip but really anywhere that plays enough new material is on the radar - sadly though not too many out there these days. Freestylin' is certainly a welcome addition Colin and I'll be up there very soon -promise !

Whats your current Top Ten Tracks ?

With a great start to 2010 so far, the choice is difficult but, in no particular order, here we go:

Daniel Moore - Halfway Love [iamdanielmoore]
The Whispers Orchestra – Ready Or Not [T.W.O.]
Cool Million – Loose [Back For More]
Deborah Bell – Close Your Eyes [Precious Love EP]
Kindred The Family Soul – Everything I Need [United We Cure]
Kenny Springs – Just Believe [On My Knees]
Joyo Velarde – Certain Special Way [Love & Understanding]
Maysa – Spend Some Time [A Woman In Love]
Amir Khalil – Born Again
Tour De 4Force – We’ve Got Love [Quiet Moon]

Whats next for Paul Goldsmith ?

From a live perspective, not as much as I’d like sadly but a spot coming up on the radio at this March’s Prestatyn Soul Weekender and of course looking forward to the Essential Modern Soul Weekender in July alongside a few other bit’s and pieces.
From the show perspective, I’ll keep plugging away and doing my thing. The show is going from strength to strength and that keeps me focused and drives the desire to offset the hard work it requires each week. Fingers crossed the interest stays there, new music runs through my veins so that’s one thing that will never change.
Thanks for your time Paul. Here is Paul's latest playlist from his Select Soul Show
Hour One

Lalah Hathaway & Rahsaan Patterson - The Cure [United We Cure]
Hil St. Soul - Silver Lining [United We Cure]
Deborah Bell - Close Your Eyes
Dira - Let's Go Back [Something About The Girl]
Mario Gordon - Back In The Day [Finding My Way]
NuCorp Band - Steppin' [Tonight's For You]
Leela James - Tell Me You Love Me [Tell Me You Love Me]
Raheem DeVaughn - Mr. Right [The Love And War Masterpeace]
Dira - Time Out Of Time [Something About The Girl]
Maysa - Spend Some Time [A Woman In Love]
Whispers Orchestra - Ready Or Not [T.W.O.]
Soulemotion - You Will Smile [You Will Smile]
Tour De 4force - Heaven Bound [Quiet Moon]
Mike & The United Front - Spread More Love

Hour Two

Joyo Velarde - Certain Special Way [Love & Understanding]
Kindred The Family Soul - Everything I Need [United We Cure]
Gabrielle Hurtt - Under The Influence []
Dira - Won't You Come With Me [Something About The Girl]
Robin Duhe - Where You Are [Life]
Daniel Moore - Half Way Love [Iamdanielmoore]
Maysa - Love Theory [A Woman In Love]
Whispers Orchestra - Maybe This Time [T.W.O.]
Dira - Daydream [Something About The Girl]
Joyo Velarde - You Got Me (In The Mood) [Love And Understanding]
Unity Of Praize - Hold On [Against All Odds]
Deborah Bell - Precious Love [Precious Love]
Cool Million Ft. DeDe & Eugene Wilde - Loose [Back For More

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